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Selections: Gene On Earth

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Gene on Earth spotlights breakbeat trance, bouncing house, “bullfrog techno” and more

Last year, California-born, Berlin-based DJ and producer Gene On Earth released the definitive ‘The Sound Of Limo’ comp, a 14-track collection that represented the lush house vibe of his ‘Limousine Dream’ label. Featuring tracks from the likes of Roza Terenzi, Sweely, Dyed Soundorom and more, including Gene himself, it was an invitation into the animated artist’s universe, where the dancefloor is always loose and the mood is always immaculate. 

In June this year, Gene on Earth released ‘Time On The Vine’, which revealed another side to his tastes, travelling through genres from downtempo and dreamy beats into  pacier, club-friendly business. ‘Pinseeker’ draws in everything that makes a Gene On Earth record so recognisable: bouncing hi-hats, cosmic bleeps, catchy melodies, and plenty of nods to the ‘90s with hints of Korg-esque organ bass. The first part of ‘Studio Debora’ explores ambient soundscapes before introducing low-slung breakbeats reminiscent of early Full Moon Fashions. ‘To Bleep Or Not To Bleep’ is another highlight, moving into more peak-time territory while retaining its minimal appeal. You can buy ‘Time On The Vine’ here.

It’s an irresistible style that’s mirrored in his DJ Sets, and in his Selections, which branches into breakbeat trance, bouncing house, “bullfrog techno” and more. Dive in below. 

‘Level Quest’

“A techy peacetime nugget from Anderson. The sounds, vocal sample, and music make you feel like you’re in a video game. I’ve played this 50 times at least.”

‘Echo Your Thoughts’ [Leizure]

“Ripping drums, and some funky production that stacks different kicks and basslines slowly as you go along makes this another classic Huerta track. Proper tackle.”

Pillow Queen + Ruin
‘Tunnel Vision’ [Isla]

“This is a real genre-bender of a tune, starting breaky and trancy but suddenly switching into a super-stripped donky bassline that perks up every dance floor.”

Andy Rantzen
‘Harmonic Eye’ [Efficient Space]

“Steve Huerta and I have a few made up genres we use to describe tunes. This one is the ultimate example of what we call “bullfrog” techno, which generally means stripped, druggy, and bassy.”

‘The Envelope Follower (House Mix)’ [Rediscovery]

“Berlin’s Matthias gives us a perfect track to switch the mood. What starts as druggy and driving switches suddenly to happy and housey. It always gets a good reaction and is a very useful tool as well.”

‘Dubber Funk’ [Incienso]

“Normally known more for his experimental techno leanings, Russian artist Buttechno turns in a dubby but pumping track with a bassline that needs a certain type of sound system to be appreciated fully. Seriously thick and driving stuff.”

‘Desert Labs’ [FSK 24]

“I wondered who made this track for quite a long time, as there was no info anywhere, and yet it was one of my most played tracks for a good few years. Another bullfrog for sure, which I was more than surprised to find out came from French legend Chris Carrier. Respect!”

Kornel Kovacs

“I didn’t really expect to ever wind up playing any tracks by Kornel Kovacs, as most of the stuff from that crew tends to be a much different mood than what I’m generally looking for, but the B2 on this EP is a lovely trippy warmup/afterhours tune. Don’t be afraid to listen to the back catalogue of an artist you’ve had a long-standing opinion of.”

Jque Pbrs Tgxu
‘Coleoid’ [Vigenere]

“One of the first records I ever played at a club, and it still absolutely works today. It features an outrageously simple synth line that is still somehow a true earworm. Combine that with a stripped but whipping beat and some druggy sounds and you’ve got a proper after hour track.”

Gene On Earth
‘Chuggy Elements’ [Limousine Dream]

“This is my favourite track I’ve ever written. I think it works for warm-up, peak time, or even as the last track of the night. I hope you love it.”