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Selections: GLOR1A

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, GLOR1A picks futurist rhythms, amapiano/funky fusions, heart-touching beats, hard dance and more

GLOR1A is a multidisciplinary artist with multifaceted tastes. In her music, she explores theories and concepts surrounding Black futurism, sci-fi and technology with a striking R&B sound; shades of punk, pop and experimental electronic music are woven through its sonic tapestry. On her 2021 EP, ‘Metal’, released via GAIKA’s The Spectacular Empire label, she examined relationships between technology, race, gender and class, particularly as they pertain to Black and femme existence, all while assuming the gynoid alter-ego, GLOR1A 2.0. These are ideas she has explored further as part of the Nine Nights art collective alongside GAIKA, Shannen SP and Zara Truss-Giles. 

In April, GLOR1A released ‘METAL REBOOT​$​D’, an EP of remixes featuring Manuka Honey, Ikonika, Lila Tinando a Violeta, Yazzus and Flora Yin-Wong, with styles touching on everything from baile funk and latin pop to amapiano, ambient and high-speed club music. The release not only represents the variety at the heart of GLOR1A’s work, but was also released in aid of Sistah Space, a community-based non-profit initiative created to bridge the gap in domestic abuse services for African heritage women and girls. 

Friends, affiliates and collaborators are among those who feature in GLRO1A’s Selections, in which she spotlights futurist rhythm experiments, amapiano/funky fusions, heart-touching beats, hard dance and more. Dig in below.

‘New World’

“This takes me back to my early raving days in Blackpool, wanting euphoria and also with a sweet twist of gqom honey. Vibes!” 

Scratcha DVA
‘Flex (:3LON & Scratchclart) [Hyperdub]

“This mix between amapiano/afrobeats/UK funky makes me just wanna move. Scratcha always has been a g with the beats.”

Iceboy Violet
‘Are U Connected’ [2 B REAL]

“To be fair, I’ve loved Iceboy for too long. We collaborated on my last EP ‘METAL’ and this one was such a heart-toucher. I really loved Emily Glass’s ‘Uvula’ and ‘444sure+oscollo’ so seeing them both collab on this was tasty.” 

Speaker Music
‘The Man​-​Not’ [Planet Mu]

“I’m gonna curveball it. I love the simplicity of this track, and how I want to keep rolling with it. It’s hard but super soft, and that rolling, almost haunting, voice in the background… YASS.” 

La Roche
'Lakunda’ [Nyege Nyege Tapes]

“Just reminds me of being at a wedding: I’m happy, them high synth chords are feeding me life, and I’m dancing with my fam. But I’m probably in a sweaty club somewhere in East. This Congolese music gets me!” 


“I love the shift in drum pattern in this. It makes it interestingly unique. It’s a chiller assassin track.”


“I like the simplicity of this. I came across BŪJIN for a residency I’m doing in South Africa. She was recommended to me and I like how simply weird the music is.” 


“Slowing it down now, but I love the twisted Massive Attack vibes this gal gives me. I hadn't come across megiapa’s music before but this was a cute surprise for me for that mellow-charged evening.”

Gaika feat. Swimful

“A heart-puller. The vocals remind me of ’80s Bryan Adams and that ethereal production by Swimful takes me to my teen pop fantasy. This album has just dropped by Gaika with a host of feature producers.” 


“I’ve always loved Yazzus’ productions, and this is from her last bootleg album, reworking Don Toliver’s ‘After Party’”.

‘Boy Destroyer’

“ARE WE AWAKE? Yep, after I listen to this. Hard dance, almost speed garage, vibes with punk rock. It’s just what I love about New York artists. Lust$ickpuppy does it well.”