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Selections: Harmony

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Deep Jungle founder Harmony spotlights next-gen producers connecting to the sound’s roots, and longstanding artists who are still ahead of the curve

“I want Deep Jungle to represent both the old and the new,”  Lee Bogush, aka Harmony, told DJ Mag in 2022. The longstanding DJ and producer has spent the past six years turning his label into one of jungle scene’s premier outlets: a go-to source for must-have tracks, particularly for crate diggers and vinyl nuts. 

He initially launched the label in ‘94 with a small run of releases, including one of his own classic cuts with Xtreme, ‘Wicked & Bad’. Kicking things back into gear in 2017, Deep Jungle set itself apart by repressing ultra-rare, highly sought-after cuts and unreleased dubplates from the sound’s foundational era. In the years since, he’s combined this MO with a dedication to championing a new generation of producers, all while making sure everyone is fairly paid for their music. 

Most recently, Deep Jungle released a new two-tracker from the duo Subjects, and one from Harmony himself, as well as a brand-new four-track EP from Irish jungle/d&b legend Ricky Force. It’s all proper, classic jungle gear – timeless breakbeat scorchers with an eye cast ever-toward the future. His Selections are the same, encompassing next-gen producers connecting to jungle sound’s roots and longstanding artists who are still ahead of the curve. Dive in below. 

‘What’s Going On’ [Scientific Wax]

“What I like about Dwarde’s tunes is he’s quite versatile; he does everything from more melodic vocal numbers to full on crazy noisy tracks. Also be sure to check out his UKG as High Rise.”

Kid Lib
‘Desire’ [Green Bay Wax]

“One of the best at doing tunes with classic technology (Amigas), Lib goes deep on the ragga / dub sounds too. Kenny definitely digs deeper and understands the source music better than most kids who just grab the quickest available soundclash sample.” 

Tim Reaper
‘Give Me More’ [Future Retro London]

“What can I say about Tim that this magazine and many others haven’t already? He’s a good friend, works really hard and makes lots of bangers. It makes me happy to see him as one of the top few faces of the current jungle scene.”

‘Werk’ [Astrophonica]

“Another name that comes to everyone’s mind regarding modern jungle, and with good reason. Sully really has his own unique sound, which is quite hard to do in this day and age, especially with a genre like jungle.”

‘Babylon’ [Scientific Wax]

“Not sure what to say here, Marlon is an incredible DJ and has been doing sick tunes for over 30 years now. All serious jungle/d&b heads already know how great he and Sci Wax is, but for anyone new to the genre: get to know!”

‘RNG Remix’ [Evar Records]

“Pete does less tunes than the rest of the people in this list – more of a DJ/collector. But he’s been doing some stuff with pocket operators (mini samplers) that’s unique, and has a full EP coming out on Future Retro this year.”

Buy here.

Double O
‘Any Man’ [RuptureLDN]

“David has been around about as long as me, so it’s been cool to see Rupture really blow up over the past few years. His tunes range from choppy and mad to more dubby and laid back, even some cool house and techno.” 

Ricky Force
‘All I Need’ [Future Retro London]

“Ireland’s #1 export for classic jungle/d&b,  Ricky has done some great tunes for my label among others, ranging from classic retro to more modern sounds.” 

Phineus II
‘Sheg’ [Green Bay Wax]

“Another producer like Kid Lib dedicated to producing on retro gear (Amigas), Mikey is like a mad scientist, pumping out tons of wicked tunes with really original programming.”

DJ Trax
‘Lost In You’ [Over/Shadow]

“David has been producing for many years now and has done some really nice stuff on the more atmospheric and beat-oriented side of things. I love his Over/Shadow single and am looking forward to his forthcoming collab with Paradox (bringing it back to their 92 days as Mixrace).”

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