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Selections: Hodge

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Hodge spotlights high-speed dembow, hybridised club music and percussive, bassy techno

Hodge is one of those artists who can make any sound his own. For over a decade now, the Bristolian DJ and producer has been honing his craft, turning his hand to everything from house and garage-influenced steppers in the early days, into variations of dubstep, techno and ambient music. Like the music of his local peers Batu and Peverelist, and of labels like Hessle Audio, Livity Sound, Hemlock and Timedance, his chameleonic sound is one held together with thick strands of bass, woven through syncopated, sound system shaking beats. 

His years of musical growth culminated in his debut album, ‘Shadows In Blue’, in 2020, which drew influence from anime, science fiction, and his love of gardening. After releasing the ‘Drums From The West’ EP with Simo Cell on Livity Sound in November 2021, he returned in September this year with the launch of his own label, Two Moons, and a two-track release, ‘Sub 100’. The label will act as a platform for him to release new music at his own pace. 

He’s had a busy year of DJ sets at clubs and festivals too, playing up and down the country as well as in Japan, Lisbon, Prague, Berlin and beyond. His Selections give a taste of the kind of music he’s been playing and listening to at the minute, from high-speed dembow and hybridised club music to percussive, bassy techno.

Lord Of The Isles
‘Night Of The Endless Beyond’ [ESP Institute]

“I’m a huge Lord Of The Isles fan. His track with Ellon Renton ‘Inheritance’ was probably my favourite track of 2020 and I’m only one listen through this record and I wouldn’t be surprised if I felt similar about this at the end of the year.”

The Observatory and Koichi Shimizu
‘Panopticism’ [Midnight Shift]

“This whole record (‘Demon State’) is amazing. It was apparently made from a bunch of improvisational sessions and put together after, and maybe that’s why I love how free this track sounds whilst pushing forwards with an odd intensity.”

‘The Majestic Yes’ [Honest Jon's Records]

“I’m a huge Shackleton fan and this stood out as something a bit different from his usual stuff, maybe due to the live drums. But the whole record is great and the Mark Ernestus’ version of the B2 is killer too.”

‘To Illustrate’ [Wisdom Teeth]

“Wisdom Teeth is one of my favourite labels right now. I contributed a track to a split release years ago really early on and the label has changed so much since and really found its own sound. This new comp that’s just come out is a great snapshot of where they’re at.”

‘Ripples’ [TIMEDANCE]

“Jabes’ debut release on Timedance and it’s a banger. One of those tracks you’ve heard in the club tons of times before you find out what it is.”

Mor Elian
‘Itch Twitch’ [Fever AM]

“One of Mor’s best yet. Love the drums.”


“I could have picked any of the stuff from their Bandcamp. Possibly the most playable tracks on my USB right now.”

Siu Mata & Amor Satyr
‘Jiggy Bow’ [WAJANG]

“I’ve been playing faster and faster recently, much like everyone has, and the speed dembow stuff is absolutely killer. Goes off every time, can’t get enough.”

‘Aerosol’ [Redstone Press]

“Love this record from Redstone Press. Kind of a nostalgic feel for me; makes me think of the early Hessle, Punch Drunk era and it’s exceptionally well produced.” 

‘Seance’ [Human Pitch]

“This is such a good track. I played it on my Rinse show last week and had a ton of requests asking what it was. Out now on Human Pitch.”