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Selections: Identified Patient

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Identified Patient dives into murky percussion, eerie acid breaks, dark psychedelic trance, and more

One of the first things you hear in ‘Elevator Music for Headbangers’, the inaugural EP from Identified Patient on his newly minted Nerve Collect label with Gamma Intel, is an eerie snippet from Twin Peaks. A pitched-down sample of the famed “Fire Walk With Me” poem, delivered at a pivotal moment in David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult hit mystery, croaks over sinister, swooping synths and crackling industrial echoes, before a depth-charge bass throb, snapping breakbeat and gnarled acid lead kick things fully into gear. 

It’s a damn fine introduction to the release, and an appropriate invitation to the Dutch artist’s universe, where capillaries of techno, electro, EBM, jungle and post punk converge into a smouldering rave dystopia. It’s a style he’s been refining for over half a decade now, both as a producer and a DJ, and he’s made a sizeable impact on dancefloors around the world, from Dekmantel and De School in Amsterdam to clubs and festivals in Medellin, Mumbai, Berlin, Tbilisi, London and beyond. 

Identified Patient’s Selections embody this vibe perfectly, with murky percussion, eerie acid breaks, dark psychedelic trance, a Napalm Death side-project and plenty more to sink your teeth into. Dive in below. 

‘A Murky Quest’ [IDS RECORDINGS]

“Let’s begin this journey on a murky quest with Bodynet, and yes I want to be murky any day of the week with this please. Can’t stop listening to the ‘Big Day Out’ tune. Small things coming up on our big day out in the murky waters. What a vibe. All of the music is ACE. You will not be disappointed.” 

‘System Check’ [Craigie Knowes]

“Fresh from the cut; DAWL is delivering four tunes for your listening pleasure, and ‘System Check’ is a prime example of how a simple bass and breakbeat can bring so much groove, fun and tension. Less is more, but yes, give me more of this please, ASAP.”

Jan Loup
‘Wicked Beliefs’ [Reptilian Business Records]

“Jan Loup coming with this mad tune, ‘Wicked Beliefs’. Slick texture, bass and creativity. This has the perfect balance between being fully badass and dreamy. You want to put your leather jacket on and go for a long walk in the forest.”

Strict Face
‘Focus, Explode’ [NLV Records]

“Let's go into a different territory. This four-tracker from Strict Face is exciting, hypnotic and on the fine line of wild, yet sleazy. Although I can also imagine that this is great music for driving at 140 kmh though a McDrive and ordering just a Fanta with extra ice.”

Mike Ink
‘Live Evil A’ [Kompakt]

“A few weeks ago we were hanging out late with friends and found out this tune is perfectly described as ‘Seek and Destroy’, in a cute way though. Mike Ink is flirting with the devil through this tune. Play it loud and extra fast. Shout out to Pierre B for introducing this tune on his YouTube account. Always on point.”

‘From The Vaults’ [self-released]

“Times are rough these days, so you want some bang for your bucks? Say no more. Thing is giving all you want. 56 tunes from the vault and every one of them is fucking spot on. I mean, what the hell, how do you pull this off? Not me, perhaps you? Have fun with this one.”

‘Proper Filth’ [Classic Goa Trax]

“What can I say? Bandcamp describes it best: ‘A bit darker experimental psychedelic trance music with breakbeat influences and even Drum n Bass influences all over by Dutch magician Lorenzo Zoeter!’ This album is hitting all the right spots, especially the tune ‘Mind The Step’.”


“A journey through dystopian sex music. Slow, steady, groovy and atmospheric as hell. All the stuff from Mick Harris is bizarre, and this album is a fine example of that. Low-end obsessions were born for me through his work. And while we are at it, let's include his album, ‘Sleep When Home’ too.”

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‘Reverie’ [Pure Space]

“Zara is giving high-end chromatic dreams with this EP. So well made. The track ‘Azure’ feels like a robotic meditation, and setting all your 0’s to 1’s. A great reset for the mind. Highly recommend it.”

Astrid Monroe
‘Timid Hate’ [SiRS]

“Next to ‘all’ the new contemporary music, I would like to add one more listening classic. This one is very special for me. Instant, melodramatic, yet punky, exactly how I like it. Checking this on a regular basis when the mood is asking for something you cannot grasp. You know that feeling? Perhaps it’s existential crisis. Anyway...The samples and vocals are so spot on in this record.”