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Selections: Jimi Jules

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, as he releases his new album on Innervisions, Jimi Jules spotlights thumping melodic house and techno

For his new album on Dixon’s Innervisions, titled ‘+’ Zurich producer, DJ and vocalist Jimi Jules invites a cast of collaborators into his creative orbit to create a collection that draws a line from luminous synth pop and the thumping, melodic house and techno the label has become known for. Across seven tracks, nostalgic flourishes of ‘80s acts like Telex and Depeche Mode cross paths with subtle hip-hop, EBM and jazz touches. Collaborators such as Dixon, Joy Tyson, Nathan Curran, Nathan Daisy, Dave Aju and Aquarius Heaven make themselves at home in Jules’ sophisticated arrangements, with his own vocals taking centre stage for the bulk of the record.

‘+’ is out now. You can buy it here.

That sense of melody and songwriting, which maintains a firm dancefloor focus, is reflected in Jules’ Selections, which take in 11 deep melodic club rollers, and capture the pulse of his DJ sets. Dig in. 

The Lazy Eyes
‘Fuzz Jam (Harvey Sutherland Remix)’

“A fresh sounding mix with a lovely dose of humour and soul by Harvey Sutherland. This grooves like the rhythm section of Quincy Jones pushed into 2022. Going back to the future.”

Matthew Dear
'Hikers Y’ [Ghostly International]

“Hikers Y is my favourite song from that album. Everything from the sound design, arrangement and message is spot on. It’s refreshing and beautiful how many times Matthew Dear has reinvented himself as if he just started making music. I have a lot of admiration for him."

‘Disinfection’ [Frau Blau]

“A deep and hypnotic tune that unfolds its beauty in very special moments. Every time I hear the minimalist ARP over the deep chords it gives me goosebumps all over.”

‘WHO AM I’ [Reptile Dysfunction]

“Banger alert! The way the melody attacks me is just out of this world. The beat, rumbling bass and the sampled vocals deliver the right balance of dirt and dust, groove and peak time moments that makes the crowd go crazy.”

Ikaro Grati
‘Manus in Mano (Skatman Edit)’ [AZZUR]

“This track immerses the listener from the first moment. I heard it for the first time in Tulum during Trikk's set and had to ask him what it was. The tune has been a fixed part of my sets since then.”

‘Volti E Fantasmi’ [Sum Over Histories]

“Imperieux has been on my radar for a few years now, but releasing on Franky & Sandrino's Sum Over Histories label really took things up a notch. He’s definitely an artist I expect a lot of good things from in the future. On 'Volti E Fantasmi' he shows, like few others, how to build up tension over 8 minutes without losing focus on functionality for the dancefloor.”

Tibi Dabo
‘Arp-8’ [Crosstown Rebels]

“Sunset or sunrise pops into my mind when listening to this song. The riff in combination with the groove makes my pulse beat higher.”

Nathan Surreal
‘Stockholm’ [Native Response]

“This track represents the future for me in terms of sound. It’s alien and moves with a kind of elegant sound design that pushes boundaries.”

Falko Brocksieper

“I recently rediscovered the music of Falko & Treibstoff Records when I was talking to my booker about the label. I remember well how happy I felt back then, dancing the nights away without thinking about tomorrow.”

Magnus & Kamohelo
‘Have You Heard’ [Smuggler Music]

“A spherical, retro-breakbeat pop ballad for the dancefloor. If you play it at the right time in the club, everyone starts crying at the same time, kissing and dreaming the night away.”

‘Mahfudzot’ [Gudu Records]

“I’m not even sure if it's an Italian artist, but in any case I like the chorus effect on the voice and the chaotic way the song is produced. Beautiful chaos - kinda Italo, kinda Detroit, kinda punk and funk. Nothing really make sense and that is just cool.”