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Selections: Mor Elian

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Mor Elian spotlights off-kilter bangers to shake up the dancefloor

As a DJ, producer and co-founder of the Fever AM label, Berlin-based Mor Elian thrives in the stranger, trippier corners of club music. For close to a decade, she has been honing her skills behind the decks with selections of tough techno, psychedelic electro and headrush breakbeats. Put simply, her sets bang, but she leaves plenty of space for surprising twists and turns, or as she likes to call them: “shake things up” tracks. Her Selections are, of course, full of these.

It’s a vibe that’s captured in Fever AM’s recently released fifth-anniversary compilation, the aptly titled ‘It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature’. Co-curated with fellow founder Rhyw, it features tracks from the likes of Pariah, Peder Mannerfelt, Ayesha and others, including Mor herself, and exemplifies the warped, wild and weird sound palette it’s become known for since its launch. 

On her brand new EP, ‘Diva Test’ — her first solo release in three years, following two albums under her Alloy Sea alias — Mor dives deeper still into her creative well, emerging with four tracks that bounce, bubble and beam with colour and club NRG. Favouring buoyant house and garage-style beats, ‘Itch Twist’ and ‘Beta Zest’ chime with oscillating melodies, oddball bass twists and synth swells. ‘Diva Test (Cicada Mix)’ is a blissed-out roller, all rumbling drums and melodic trills, while ‘Liquid Silver’, her debut collab with Rhyw, is a gently strobing jewel in both artists’ crowns.

Dive into Mor Elian Selections below. 

Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD
‘Pax (Four Tet Remix)’ [Pretty Weird]

“Really love this funky and effective remix from Four Tet, sampling ‘Pulse X’ by Musical Mob. Grimey goodness.” 


“This is a great example of what I like to call a ‘shake things up’ track from the Ugandan label HAKUNA KULALA.”

Soldal & Circuit 900
'Oh (Slick Shoota Remix)’ [HTS]

“While we're on the ‘shake things up’ tip, here's another good one for a nice breakdown moment.”

‘Wipe Out’ / ‘Permission’ [Ilian Tape]

“Stenny does it again! Ilian Tape's homeslice comes back with a couple of bangers.”

‘Burundanger 2 (Cando remix)’ [TraTraTrax]

“Do you know Cando? Do you know TraTraTrax? If not, this is a great introduction to two important players in the scene, who make a perfect combo.”

‘Honey Badger’ [Voam]

“Bringing it back home with this one. When is this track gonna get tiring for me? Been playing it since November 2021 and I’m still not tired of it.” 

‘Sub 100’ [Two Moons]

“Hodge continues to be a total banger maker; it’s a skill he only seems to perfect more as time goes by.”

Fergus Sweetland
‘Shear’ [HAYES Collective]

“A beautiful, textured, groovy techno EP from Fergus Sweetland on the Portuguese label HAYES.”

‘Swim’ [Fever AM]

“Ok, disclaimer: this one is on my own label. But I have to give Ayesha a spot as she continues to beautifully sound design yet another composition. A refreshing new name to look out for!”

‘HEADRUSH’ [L.I.E.S. Records]

“Anthony Parasole is back (as FULL EFX)! And the new track sounds exciting on the ever-so-consistent L.I.E.S. label.”