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Selections: Murder He Wrote

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Murder He Wrote spotlights future-facing funky, breaks, grime and bass

If you’ve had your ear to the ground in the past few years, you’ll have felt the pulse of Murder He Wrote’s music. The Manchester-based DJ and producer has been doing bits since breaking through with a string of releases on Roska’s Kicks & Snares label in 2016. By blending elements of UK funky, garage and soca with phat lashings of bass and breaks, he’s cultivated a personalised sound that he’s brought to clubs, festivals and airwaves at home and abroad. 

Alongside a recent two-tracker on Jamz Supernova’s Future, Bounce ‘Future / Say’, he’s had a prolific year on his own Bandcamp. His last EP of 2022, ‘Late Nights’ landed at the end of October and, as he puts it, threw “UK funky, dub, chiptune, Jersey club and general weirdness into a blender”. Turns out it was a winning formula, and demonstrated an artist who’s constantly upping his own game. No wonder his music has landed support from everyone from Disclosure to Gilles Peterson. 

Murder He Wrote’s Selections reflect his tastes as a DJ, bridging grime, garage and funky into futuristic bassy, breaksy fusions. Dive in below. 

‘Baile Pulse’

“Super talented young producer out of Boorloo, Australia. Been loving and supporting his original productions with the Nasty Bros collective but especially this recent drop, throwing a boatload of classic grime and garage samples at the canvas and entirely making it work. One to watch.”

Lazy Flow
‘Awa toko bina (feat. Popaul Amisi)’

“I just absolutely adored this tune from the moment I first heard it - it’s super colourful and vibrant, has big silly bass, a really fun structure and a brilliant vocal from Popaul Amisi. Loved running this at festivals this summer.”

‘Peace’ [Roska Kicks & Snares]

“Probably a bit redundant to say stuff like ‘master of the craft’ at this point – you should know already – but yeah, out to Roska for the most insane level of consistency in dance music. This is the title track off his latest EP and just a proper distilled, rowdy take on what UK club music could be. Was so glad to finally have it on my USB, entirely mashes up any dance floor – a cheat code.”

Sam Interface & Van Basten
‘Plenty Wine ft. Bunji Garlin’ [More Time]

“Been opening all my sets with this since it landed in my inbox. Sam Interface x Van Basten (aka Gotsome) x Bunji Garlin was only going to be a banger! Super versatile in the blend also, love it.”

Bianca Oblivion, Thai Chi Rosè & Dyer MC
‘Bad Gyal’ [Future Bounce]

“Again, don’t want to just list the parties involved and say ‘obviously’ but this one is another key example of basic collaboration maths coming correct. Total banger and always a highlight in my sets. Shouts to Jamz Supernova and Future Bounce as well, quietly building a maaaaad fun and varied catalogue over the last couple years.”

‘Fi Real (prod. Millenium Dubs)’

“Jammz (as ever) showcasing his versatility and talent on this club destroying riddim from Champion and Royal-T (aka Millennium Dubs). Be sure to check the full 'Pink Lemonade' album as well: 100% freshness throughout.”

‘Ghost’ [Stations]

“Dismantle’s latest releases on Stations have all been GREAT (shout out ‘Hammer Time’ especially) but something about this one especially is just so addictive. Insanely clean production, rolling breaks, screwface-y bass - love blending this one  in pretty much anywhere in a set to switch up the vibe.”

‘Dark Spirit’ [Sector 7 Sounds]

“So glad to see this EP finally out in the world: a collection of really fun and different kinda vibes from Killjoy. Could have picked any tune off the release really, but 'Dark Spirit' is possibly my current fav - rolling, bassy goodness.”

‘Dark Knight’ [Roska Kicks & Snares]

“Knew of KTM as a DJ for ages but had no idea he was producing. Felt like out of nowhere his first drop ‘Disturbance’ came during the first lockdown and since then, across two further EPs, he's been going from strength to strength. Another release where I could have picked basically any tune, but probably ‘Dark Knight’ just edges it. A stripped-back, moody roller that's super fun to mix and sounds LARGE on a system.”

‘Got 2 (Let It Go)’ [Rhythm Section]

“Watching the organic growth of Fiyahdred (and their previous aliases), over the last few years has been so sick and this latest track for the Rhythm Section comp does not disappoint. Kind of a classic funky influence, leaning towards the more broken and soulful sides but cut with a real freshness in how it all comes together. Genuinely think this is a future classic.”

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