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Selections: Peach

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, Peach spotlights recent staples in her genre-hopping DJ sets

Canada-born, London-based DJ and producer Peach has built her reputation with DJ sets that traverse all manner of genres, from twilit Chicago house to full-pelt techno and sun-kissed electro. Her sets are loaded with infectious energy and musicality, whether she’s playing in a club or recording her monthly NTS radio show. Lately, she’s ventured into production, with last year’s excellent ‘Galaxy Girl’ EP, out via Shanti Celeste and Gramrcy’s Peach Discs label, featuring the inventive abstract riffs and deadly bassline of house cut, ‘Buttercup’.

Her latest missive, the ‘Fortune One’ EP, is also the debut release on her new Psychic Readings label. The lead track ‘Eclipse’ is a typically kinetic thump of speedy kicks, polyrhythmic percussion, snaking synth bass and metallic effects, while the flip, ‘Ms Cookys’, is a propulsive drum workout built for dancefloors that opens out into lush, lovelorn chords in the middle. The label’s name was apparently inspired by a tarot card reading while in New York, and the tracks, Peach reckons, are the best expressions of her musical ideas yet.

Peach’s Selections are recent tried-and-tested favourites. “This list is straight from my Bandcamp collection folder, and all of these tracks have been staples in my DJ sets the past few months,” says Peach. “They vary in energy and sit at very specific times and places both in the club and in my life, but they’re all absolute essentials for me right now.”

Dive into Peach’s Selections below. 

‘Chill Pill IV’ [Public Possession]

“Well-rounded, chill V/A with lots to offer between ambient, chillout, downtempo, house and more. Hard to choose favourites from this since I love all the tracks, but some standouts are tracks by Aroma Pitch, RIP Swirl, Salamanda, Eden Burns and Nalan feat. Walter p99 arkestra.”

‘Cong Burn 07’ [Cong Burn]

“One of the slower and chuggier ones on this list. Whole EP has some complex and interesting percussion throughout but the more subby and deep cut ‘Igloo’ is my personal favourite. All the tracks have been a staple during the early parts of my all-night-long sets.”

‘Microevolutions’ [Animalia]

“Another great varied V/A from the Animalia label out of Australia. ‘LSB’, ‘Mars’ and ‘Skeptik’ are some of my favourites on here, but the whole release is a must-have.”

‘Inna Reality’ [Powerpuff Trax]

“So many gems on this label, but this release by Tingz is one of my favourites. I love both of the tracks, but ‘Naive Machines’ is so ethereal and moody.”

DJ Daria ‘music is cool i love music!’
‘music is cool i love music!’

“This Bored Lord release is gorgeous. ‘everythings gonna be ok!’ has gorgeous pads and good shuffle-y hats — a perfect storm for me.”

‘Club Entry’ Vol. 1’ [Borne Fruits]

“An oldie but a goodie, this is a super versatile V/A with lots of London cuties. ‘Jungle Splash’ is a classic for me, which I think I’ll play for a long time — it has that perfect driving energy that keeps you dancing.”

Siu Mata
‘Love Parade 98’ [Angels Gun Club]

“I’m obsessed with this one. Latam-inspired bass meets Love Parade — super fun.”

‘Leisureplex’ [Spray]

“The A-side of this hasn’t left my digital folders since August. It seems to be the one in every set that everyone really gets into.”

Glen S
‘Supasonic’ [Parry Talks]

“I played this out at Panorama Bar a few weeks ago and someone in the crowd looked at me and said “I’m Glen S” and pointed at themselves excitedly — I was so hyped, it was a moment! The bassline in this gets me everytime.”

‘Dawn of the Coastal DJ’ [Club Paradiso]

“Every track on this is perfect but my favourite has to be ‘NO COMPANY IS A COLD STAR’. It has been my last track for a few sets, but the first time I played it was at the end of my all- night-long set at the White Hotel in Manchester in September. No surprise here that I love pop edits and Justin Bieber mixed with ‘NO COMPANY IS A COLD STAR’ kinda makes me want to cry.”

Photo credit: Marta Michalak