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Selections: Roska

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, UK Funky don Roska spotlights bright percussion and breaks, Carnival bangers, minimal sub-shakers and more

Roska’s name is synonymous with dedication. For over a decade, the South London DJ and producer has been a champion of the UK funky sound, staying true to its underground, percussive roots, while pushing it in ever-new directions through his expertly curated Roska Kicks & Snares (RKS) label. Recent gems on the label have included dj KTM’s deep ‘n’ fiery funky EP, ‘Only One’, and Roska’s own ‘Ice Cold’. Through the peaks and troughs of funky’s lifetime, Roska has consistently kept things fresh, branching into tribal house and bass-heavy forms. He also adopted the Bakongo moniker for music that wields a darker, grittier palette, with a string of essential releases on Livity Sound

Unsurprisingly, Roska has impeccable taste, which he has demonstrated time and time again in his DJ sets, mixes and radio shows. He even dug deep for DJ Mag recently, sharing some of his early influences in UKG, dubstep, jungle and R&B for our Music That Made Me series on YouTube. His Selections are no different, as he spotlights some recent gems from his record bag, from colourful breaks and big Carnival vibes through to frosty, minimal sub-shakers and more. Dig in.

Mr. Mitch

“Always liked Mitch’s style and sound. I love the fact he takes ownership of any genre and fits it into his own interpretation.”

Shy One
‘Tender EP’

“I love the break in ‘Y U So Cute?’ Solid two-tracker from Shy!”

Murder He Wrote

“Classic MHW signature sound. Raw bass slapping through with a smooth vocal sample.”

Breaka & Frazer Ray
‘The Loudest Woiioii Ever'

“Big tune. Minimal funky at its finest. Sometimes that’s all you need. Strong and original title for a track too — solid EP overall.”


“Solid LP. Nothing I’d spin in my own sets. I love the drum work on this specifically. Big up the Japanese crew!”

DJ Chus
‘Keleidisco’ [Club Bad]

“So good. Works well with Roska and/or Bakongo sets for me.”

Marcello Almeida & Ivan Diaz
‘Beat As Hot’

“Carnival vibes! YES! I miss those outdoor events.”

Tony Loreto
‘Downfall’ [Ground Zero Limited]

“The feel of an endless groove on this one is amazing. Reminds me of early UK funky when we was merging house and tribal house to fill in the gaps.”

‘Painted Picture’ [secondnature]

“Such a vibe. It sounds so energetic with small crescendos, merging a few genres into this. tonidue fully owned this track and sound to a T.”

Al Wootton
‘Callers Spring’ [TRULE]

“Ideal track for a Bakongo opener. Again I love the minimalist sounds used. I’ve been a fan of Al since his first one on TRULE a few years ago.”