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Selections: SPFDJ

In this series, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their collections. This week, SPFDJ spotlights hard, fast and hallucinatory techno

SPFDJ’S ascent in the years prior to the Covid pandemic was as hard and fast as the music she plays. From becoming a Herrensauna resident and launching her Intrepid Skin label in 2018, to travelling around the world delivering sets of unforgiving techno, EBM and industrial carnage — with a trademark touch of humour that’s very welcome in what can be an overly serious scene — it’s been a whirlwind ride to say the least. 

Recent times have seen the former Rinse FM resident take up a four-month slot on NTS (which she’s halfway through at the time of writing). In January, she dropped a gloriously bonkers EP of savage beats from German artist Valerie Ace via Intrepid Skin, adding to a roster that includes VTSS, Nene H, Schacke and Marcus L.

Tthis summer, unleashed from Covid restrictions, the Swedish DJ has been back touring at a break-neck pace, taking in the long-awaited return of Barcelona’s Primavera, Dutch favourite Dekmantel — where she played a four-way b2b with Herrensauna compatriots CEM, Héctor Oaks and MCMLXXXV — and Hungary’s monstrous Sziget Festival. This weekend, SPFDJ makes her Waterworks debut at the new London festival's second edition, ahead of a busy A/W season that includes ADE, the Mumbai and New Delhi editions of DGTL and much more.

Dive into her Selections below. 

None Of Your Concern
‘Hard Heart’ [Self-released]

“Haven’t got a chance to play this one yet as it’s not within my usual club BPM these days, but how cheeky is this groove? Love the weird/dark/ bouncy combo.”

‘Onhcet’Yazzus ‘Onhcet’ [Juicy Gang Records]

“Banging with a good amount of unpredictability, which I love. Not as formulaic as other tracks in this rave style, which makes it stand out for me.”

Edo Messina
‘Power To The People’ [Chronicles Records]

“Beautifully chaotic in parts, this one hits hard.”

‘Biohazard’ [Khazad Records]

“I use this one as a sparser break from very busy or hectic tracks in my sets. I love that it still has plenty of energy though, and the way that bassline comes back in after the main breakdown is awesome.”

Albert Kraner
‘My Techno Thought’ [Polymeric]

“This one though! Might be my very favourite right now. Hard but groovy and with an effective arrangement — quite loopy, but with some added reverb for extra tension it works great in the club.”

The Sixth Sense
‘The Storm’ [Self-released]

“Speaking of loopy, this one is even more so. But it’s such a tight and clean loop with so much energy, I’m happy grooving along to it for ages.”

‘Ai que gostoso’ [Dancefloor Impact Research]

“Such lovely drive, and those interesting and distinctive vocals are a real earworm without feeling too cheesy.”

Ben Techy
‘Hostile Reference’ [Wrongnotes Records]

“I’m weak for a good polyrhythmic stab and this track delivers on that front. Paired with some great drums, it never gets boring.”

Aida Arko
‘Transmutation’ [Suara]

“Not a new find but rather a re-discovery. Somehow I glossed over this one, came across it again recently and love the weirdness.”

DJ Fuckoff X DJ Mell G
‘Death By Pussy’ [Juicy Gang Records]

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