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Selections: Wayward

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, Wayward spotlight cutting edge electronic and club sounds from around the world

Wayward have their finger on the pulse. The UK duo, who’ve made their name over the past decade with their luminous club productions, DJ sets and A&R work for the Silver Bear label, released their debut album, ‘Waiting For The World’, in 2021. Drawing on a rich tapestry of influences, from ‘90s rave breaks and jungle to Burial’s ‘Untrue’ and contemporary club sounds, the release channelled the pair’s deep love of dance music in all its forms. 

This month, they’ll release ‘Waiting For The World Remixed’, an 11-track collection that features reworks from an array of established and emerging artists at the cutting edge of their respective fields, including Tim Reaper, Kareem Ali, BAE BAE, 1-800 GIRLS and Kilig. Unperson, Cameo Blush, System Olympia, Tour-Maubourg and Eliza Rose also contribute, with each artist putting their own distinctive spin on Wayward’s tracks. Speaking about the remix LP, Wayward said: “It was important for the remixes to reflect the broad spectrum of genres that influenced the album, and we're really pleased to have achieved this.” 

That same versatility and excitement for the most exciting new electronic music is reflected in their Selections, which features an impressive variety of talent from around the world. Dig in.

‘Tombak Track’ [Goon Club Allstars]

“This one from Goon Club Allstars’ Kamran is purely percussive and full of energy. This one is really fun to listen to and mix with. A useful tool, great for bridging gaps and getting people into a frantic frenzy on the floor.”

‘Feel’ [Self-released]

“This comes from a really exciting producer out of Bristol. We were lucky enough to get sent these a while back and hammered them. Yearning vocals and a booming ravey bassline — these are usually two ingredients we’re particularly drawn to. Excited to hear more from Bex.”

‘3.15’ [Rhythm Section International]

“Part of the Rhythm Section ‘Shouts’ comp, which featured a lot of our favourite producers. This one from Yushh brings together stabby synth chops and arps, set against a driving broken beat. It creates a world that’s easy to get lost in.” 

Hassan Abou Alam
‘Breathe’ [naive]

“One of our stand out tracks of last year — we’re pretty obsessed with this guy's productions at the moment. This is the kind of track that fits almost anywhere in a set, and is versatile depending on whatever style you’re playing, constantly building energy with the tuned percs.”


“Probably our favourite piece of work released from Burial since ‘Untrue’. Love that this record sounds like a tapestry of sketches, stitched together with his unique sonic identity, moving through different keys but always making sense. The last 90 seconds of this tune might be one of our favourite moments in music ever.”

Special Request
‘Quiet Storm (Tim Reaper Remix)’ [Hooversound Recordings]

“Two incredibly inspiring producers join forces to release this beauty of a track on SHERELLE and NAINA’s Hooversound label. The piano lick on top of the driving jungle drums and reese bassline is a 10/10 combination.” 

System Olympia
‘Always On Time’ [Self-released]

“One of our favourite artists over the past couple of years. This is the title track from her most recent album ‘Always On Time’ and it’s got that perfect uplifting but nostalgic end-of-the-night feel to it. Go check out her debut album ‘Delta Of Venus’ as well.” 

DJ Lycox
‘Wildin’ [Príncipe]

“Part of the ever-impressive Príncipe roster, this one is a proper work out and taken from DJ Lycox’s ‘Lycoxera’ EP. We absolutely love the skippy snares and constant percussive progressions. Rowdy!” 

‘Stone Diviner’ [Die Orakel]

“Easy to get lost in these sonics. Uplifting breaks and luscious pads create a perfect soundtrack to your night bus home.”

SHE Spells Doom
‘Splash’ [Tresor]

“Released on the ‘Tresor 30’ compilation last year, this track comes from a really exciting producer called SHE Spells Doom. It’s a forward-thinking and creative fusion of dancefloor sounds that has that peak-time energy.” 

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