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Here's the tracks that influenced Shit Robot's musical journey...

Marcus Lambkin, aka Shit Robot, has his third ace album on DFA out this month — ‘What Follows’. It follows 2010’s ‘From The Cradle To The Rave’ and ‘We Got A Love’ a couple of years ago, but unlike those previous two pieces of work ‘What Follows’ is a lot more analogue. “I wanted it to reflect my DJing style a bit more — less pop, less disco, more machines,” says Lambkin.

Marcus was originally from Dublin before moving to New York just before the Millennium. There he met and began DJing with James Murphy, allegedly giving the future LCD Soundsystem man and DFA kingpin his first ecstasy pill, before moving to rural Germany — near Stuttgart — in 2004. He kept up the link with his old buddy James Murphy though, releasing a string of technoid singles on DFA before starting to release albums.

Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip again guests on this long-player, adding his ethereal vox to squelchy album opener ‘In Love’ and a dreamy ‘End Of The Trail’, while the track with DFA’s Nancy Whang, the no-wave bubbler ‘Lose Control’, was recorded in one live take. Other collaborators on the album include Museum Of Love, also from DFA, US singer Reggie Watts, punk singer Jay Green, and Dublin newbie New Jackson. “I just knew that I wanted to work with friends,” Marcus tells DJ Mag. Here are his ten...

01. VARIOUS ‘Bio Rhythm’ (Network Records)
“‘Dance music with bleeps’ is what it says on the tin, and it does not disappoint. This is possibly one of the most influential things in my life — ever. I could not stop listening to this when I got my hands on it. Self Hypnosis's 'Nexus 21', 'Somebody New' by MK and Neal Howard's 'Indulge' are just three of the cuts on this compilation. Sidenote: sleeve design by UK national treasure Trevor Jackson.”

02. BLAKE BAXTER ‘The Prince Of Techno EP’ (Underground Resistance)
“Take your pick, four killer cuts. Who releases 12s like this these days? 'When A Thought Becomes U' has one of the best grooves and vocals ever. 'Vision Of Truth' is a destroyer, and what's up with the guitar on 'Combustible'? Raw, jacking acid that could sit perfectly in any techno set today.”

03. PAPERCLIP PEOPLE ‘Oscillator’ (Planet E)
“So many great Paperclip People tracks to chose from, but this one holds a special place in my heart. For me, it doesn't get much better than this. That break, along with the portamento, come together into a perfect groove that I could listen to all day.”

04. PSYCHE ‘Crackdown’ (Transmat)
“OK, yes, it's Carl Craig again, but I could have easily done this whole top ten with just Carl Craig tracks — the man had a huge influence on me. This is another big one, amazing late-night techno. It’s a super-deep come-down jam, and then it goes bonkers half-way through and has everybody up dancing again.”

05. THE ORANGE ‘The Fuchsia Is Orange’ (Radikal Records)
“I don't know that much about this record other than it was produced and mixed by Juan Atkins, and it's another thing I can keep going back and listening to again and again. It's a weird UK-style rave and techno album with so many great tracks on it. I've played out most of them over the years.”

06. PHUTURE ‘We Are Phuture’ (Trax)
“Again, so many Trax records to chose from, but I picked this one as it doesn't seem to get mentioned so often — and I think it's one of the greats. I played this track so much when I lived in New York. The vocal is incredible. It starts off with the usual pitched-down darkness, but then the acid kicks in and the singing starts with ‘Rocket ships and lazer guns’ — amazing.”

07. REESE PROJECT ‘Direct Me (Remix) Edition 2’ (Network Records)
“What a 12-inch this is, another one that I still listen to all the time. For me it's straight to ‘Direct Me (Reese Riot Mix)’ or ‘Station Of The Groove (The Vice Mix)’, but if you like it a bit more housey then there's still ‘Direct Me (Joey Negreo Disco Blend Mix)’ or ‘Just Another Chance’ (Dave Morales Mix)’. Something for everyone on this hard-to-beat 12.”

08. MENTAL CUBE ‘Q (Santa Monica Mix)’ (Debut)
“More bleeps. This time from the gentlemen that brought us Future Sound Of London and Humanoid. This is another record that takes me right back to those early acid house days and my first rave experiences. Amazing rave sounds, this record just screams smoke and lazers.”

09. UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE 'Riot EP' (Underground Resistance)
“Wait, you thought this wasn't an Underground Resistance breakbeat rave track with sirens and ‘party’ samples? Well, you're wrong. It’s an absolute rave onslaught that was originally TAPED together with 'Fuel For The Fire Attend The Riot' to create a double-pack of acid mayhem.”

10. RHC ‘Fever Called Love’ (R&S)
“This record was huge in 1991, and I was still playing it out until recently when I figured I needed to give it a break. It starts off with a great bleepy house groove and then delves into acid, with a timelesss vocal from Plavka. That reminds me, got to pull it out again..."