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Christian Eede
4 November 2022, 17:04

Frank Ocean's new Apple Music 1 show, Homer, continues with Nick Léon

The Miami DJ and producer has provided a guest mix for the second instalment of the radio show

Frank Ocean's new Apple Music 1 show, Homer, continues with Nick Léon

Frank Ocean has tapped up Miami DJ and producer Nick León to guest on the latest episode of his new radio show series, Homer.

The show, which is the second instalment in the new radio run for Apple Music, features a one-hour mix from León, which was put together as an "office soundtrack".

Offering more detail in a statement, Frank Ocean said it was "a one hour window into what plays around our office after hours. Twin towering line array speakers hold court. Someone's vacuuming the carpets adding a distant layer of white noise to the sound. Security is pacing off some boredom while pretending to check the rooms and the safes on a rehearsed patrol. A headset loaded with gadgetry helps a man who dons it to see, with its grids of light and lenses and loupes. Skulls on swivels make no sudden movements; helicoptering over paperwork, pens, blades, vices, precious metals and gemstones.

"Deluges of artificial light pour from small canisters like those dragons that spring from cylinders, like the never-ending ribbons pulled from a magicians ear. Media volleys across short distances quickly on the net as Sorkin-like walk and talks travel down the hallways further and further from the sound. This is Homer Radio. An office soundtrack. Can't you hear our 'voice'? It's not a dead line."

You can listen to the show via Apple Music.

Earlier this year, Frank Ocean debuted new material via an edition of his last radio series for Apple Music, Blonded.

Nick León has contributed a new track to a forthcoming compilation release from Colombia's TraTraTrax label.