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Marissa Cetin
24 March 2022, 15:42

Immersive Prince experience exhibition to open this summer

Soon you can play in a recreation of Paisley Park's Studio A and the 'Purple Rain' cover.

Immersive Prince experience exhibition to open this summer

A 3D interactive exhibition dedicated to Prince is coming to downtown Chicago this summer.

Prince: The Immersive Experience is a multisensory project to celebrate the late pop icon produced by experiential exhibition company Superfly in collaboration with the Prince Estate. It'll run five days a week from 9th June through 9th October in Chicago's Magnificent Mile district. 

Fans will be able to explore a recreation of the 'Purple Rain' album cover and play in Prince's famed Paisley Park Studio A. "​​In there, people are going to be able to go and sort of play producer and mix stems from 'Let's Go Crazy,'" Superly cofounder Kerry Black told Rolling Stone.

Black says that through collaborating closely with the Prince Estate, "they really kind of brought us into his world. They've connected us with a lot of important people that he worked with. And so we can really make sure that it's authentic."

One of those people is Prince's lighting designer Roy Bennett, who worked on an "audiovisual dance party" feature. There's also a space dedicated to the world of Prince's 13th studio album 'Diamonds & Pearls.'

While the limited-run exhibition is only for Chicago summer, Black tells Rolling Stone that "our hope here is that this is going to be wildly successful and that we’re going to be touring this all around the world... And keep iterating on it and do new rooms for each city and just explore all different facets of his career and his music."

Tickets for the hour-long experiences go on sale on 31st March at 10 AM CT here.