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Top 100 DJs 2018 - Official Rules

This page details the rules and regulations of Top 100 DJs 2018. As guardians of the Top 100 DJs poll, DJ Mag takes it’s credibility extremely seriously. As such, any artist or representative deemed to be deliberately in breach of these rules risks being disqualified from the poll and named publicly.


Voting Mechanism

  • Top 100 DJs is decided entirely by public vote
  • There are no nominations, voters can choose any DJ they like
  • Voters must login to the voting platform using a social media account (Google or Facebook). Voters in regions where these platforms are blocked or not available are given an alternative login mechanism using email or sms 2 factor authentication.
  • Each voter can choose up to 5 DJs. The DJ in position ‘1’ receives ‘5 points’ the DJ in postion ‘5’ recieves ‘1 point’
  • If the same DJ is listed in more than one of the five fields, the DJ will receive only the highest position’s points.
  • Our algorithm will detect and correct popular misspellings


  • It is permitted for DJs and their teams to campaign for votes
  • A voting kit containing logos and other promotional tools is provided for this purpose
  • Common campaigning methods include social media posts, advertisements, website posts etc.
  • While campaigning is permitted, no incentives can be offered in exchange for votes (see Incentives section)
  • Street teams with iPads or voting booths are permitted, but with strict guidelines (see Promotional Teams section)


  • No incentives can be offered in exchange for votes.
  • Incentives include, but are not limited to:
    • Mechandise
    • Tickets
    • Discounts
    • Exclusive perks
    • Any item of value
    • Competition entry

Promotional Teams

  • While street teams are permitted, there are strict guidelines to regulate their use
  • Artists or organisations wishing to use street teams must register their usage on each occasion. This will involved sharing dates and times of operation, device type, IP addressees, and the location of use
  • The device operative or promotional person must hand over the device to the voter, who must conduct the whole process themselves. It is not permitted for the promotional person to enter in the DJ name themselves, this must be a free vote.
  • The location of the promotion must be deemed relevant to the artist. For the avoidance of doubt: festivals, clubs or events featuring the campaigning DJs are permitted. Shopping centres, streets, schools, universities, colleges or other unrelated high footfall areas are not permitted. If in doubt, please ask.
  • DJ Mag will be sending ‘random voters’ to popular events active during the voting process to ensure these rules are adhered to.


If you have any questions or wish to report a voting infringement, please email