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Premiere: RXM Reality ‘Big DJ Shoutout Is Missing’

Chicago’s RXM Reality steps up on Hausu Mountain with an album of abstract club music colleges, ‘blood blood blood blood’.  Hear the whirling electronics and disintegrating guitars of ‘Big DJ Shoutout Is Missing’ now

Premiere: Farrago 'Kidney Shot'

Belgian DJ and producer, Farrago, makes his third appearance on Amelie Lens' Lenske imprint in the form of 'Kidney Shot'. Hear the relentless energy on the super-charged title track now

Premiere: Elliot Adamson 'You'll Never Change'

Newcastle based DJ, producer and IDEA label head, Elliot Adamson, readies the ninth release on his label with 'You'll Never Change/I'm Trying'. Hear the '60s pop vocals and uplifting house groove on 'You'll Never Change' now