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Premiere: 1-800 GIRLS ‘Because Of You’

London’s 1-800 GIRLS serves up a suite of ravey breaks and sentimental sonics on latest two-tracker, ‘Looking Back / Because Of You’

Photo of 1-800 GIRLS running beneath an underpass with CCTV footage markings on him

1-800 GIRLS will drop his latest EP, ‘Looking Back / Because Of You’, this Friday. Have an exclusive first listen to ‘Because Of You’ below.

The Hackney-based DJ and producer serves up a suite of ravey breaks and sentimental sonics on his second two-tracker of the year. The follow-up to January’s ‘90% / Gd 2 Me’ features a warming concoction of tender synths, cascading chords, and crackling percussion, as the artist gears up for a live set on 24th October at Bristol’s Dareshack. The EP is the first in a forthcoming series of releases aligned with the show, along with a subsequent date at London’s Peckham Audio on 4th November with Percolate Live.

Maintaining the sense of vulnerability and sentimentality that made his earlier releases so cathartic, 1-800 GIRLS intersperses cosmic arps with gorgeous, bittersweet melodies on A-side ‘Looking Back’, before setting his sights more firmly on the dancefloor with the ravey ‘Because Of You’. Here, a misty-eyed vocal sample gives way to terse, pneumatic grooves and a rugged breakbeat breakdown as the producer proves he’s just as proficient at making clubbers dance as cry.

Tickets to 1-800 GIRLS (LIVE) at Bristol’s Dareshack are available here.

‘Looking Back / Because Of You’ is out this Friday (27th October). Listen exclusively to ‘Because Of You’ below.