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Premiere: The 83rd ‘diddy b0p’

The 83rd returns after a three year hiatus with a genre-smashing six-tracker, ‘c r u $ h c i t y’

Premiere: The 83rd ‘diddy b0p’

The 83rd will release a new EP, ‘c r u $ h c i t y’, this week. Listen to ‘diddy b0p’ below. 

The New York producer’s first new release after a three year hiatus is a six-tracker that fires on all cylinders. Touching on everything from experimental hip-hop and afrobeats to hardcore techno and Philly/Jersey club, it’s the sound of an artist restored, and bursting with creative energy. Speaking about his time away from music in a press release, the artist said: “I was burnt out, I hit a wall, couldn’t see anymore, I needed to go away, to heal.”

Full of high-energy beats, whirlwind percussion and acrobatic sampling and melodies, ‘c r u $ h c i t y’ is electrifying from the off. The frenetic, high-speed title track features a spoken sample of Black revolutionary leader and Honorary Prime Minister of the Black Panther Party, Kwame Ture, whose voice booms loudly against the tyranny of capitalism and the need the destroy unjust systems of labour and power. 

‘c r u $ h c i t y’ will be released this Friday 23rd September. Pre-order it here