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Premiere: Ani Klang ‘Power Of 100’

Turin’s early reflex returns with its third anniversary compilation, a selection of hyperactive rave hybrids from around the world

Ani Klang sitting on the floor with her arm resting on her knee. She's in front of an orange and red hanging abstract backdrop and is looking out the window

Turin’s early reflex label celebrates its third birthday in June with the release of a brand new compilation. Listen to California-raised, Berlin-based Ani Klang’s ‘Power Of 100’ below. 

Since the release of its second anniversary compilation in June 2022, the label launched by DJ and producer Alec Pace has continued to expand its global community of experimental techno and leftfield electronic artists with releases from the likes of Brooklyn’s Laenz, London-based Tooth Rust and Ikävä Pii, and Northern Italy’s Capiuz

‘Flex004’ is another international affair, comprising nine hyperactive genre-hybrids from producers based between Brisbane, Kyoto, Taipei, Berlin, London and beyond.  There are rave-ready offerings from returning artists such as  B E N N and Laenz, and a breakbeat-scrambling, scream-sampling collab between Alec Pace and Sonia Calico, but the bulk of the tracks on this release come from new arrivals on the label. From bass-charged belters and two-step twisters courtesy of Naco, Scalymoth Coe and Kincaid, to the deep, industrial rumble of Ophélie’s debut production, it’s a celebration of emerging talent around the world, bonded by a love for club music filled with trippy curveballs. 

Ani Klang’s ‘Power Of 100’ is a Jersey club-inspired rocket that blasts off and doesn’t stop for its four-minute run. Propelled by rattling percussion, sub-bass throbs that bounce between dubstep depth and hardstyle intensity, and a cyborg vocal sample that feels like sheer system overload, it’s a frankly dangerous piece of rave artillery. 

‘Flex004’ will be released on 9th June. Pre-order it here.