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Eoin Murray
20 June 2024, 12:30

Premiere: Assyouti ‘Loose Cannon’

The Cairo-born, Berlin-based producer conjures a furious storm of breaks, bass and high-speed hardcore heft for Turin’s PAYNOMINDTOUS

Assyouti standing outside near a train track on an overcast day, wearing sunglasses and a Slint hoodie
Credit: Mariam Mekiwi

Assyouti will release a new EP, ‘Kraken Sight’, via Turin’s PAYNOMINDTOUS label next month. Listen to ‘Loose Cannon’ below.

The Berlin-based Egyptian producer’s flair for furious beats, bone-crushing bass and brain-twisting distortion – which he’s demonstrated on labels such as Shepard Tone, Irsh and MOSHTRQ – lunges toward new, uncharted terrain on this five-tracker. Where much of his previous work has been inspired by the “cacophonous noise pollution and seemingly unending chaos” of his home city of Cairo, here he conjures a tempestuous ocean at night, where the thunderous low-end kicks and fractured cracks of breakbeat lightning crash against mutant waves of industrial and high-speed hardcore heft. 

Fans of fellow Egyptian ZULI, Slikback, Ani Klang and Cristoph De Babalon will relish in the murky depths and feverish rhythm experiments of this release, and its no surprise Assyouti’s previously been invited to play at musically adventurous festivals like CTM and Nyege Nyege. To get seized and swept away in this sea beast of an EP’s tentacles is a rush of pure rave adrenaline. It’ll leave you gasping for air but charged and ready for more. 

‘Kraken Sight’ will be released on 5th July. Pre-order it here.

Back in May, Assyouti contributed a track to 'We Will Stay Here - Music for Palestine', a compilation raising funds for M.A.P. (Medical Aid For Palestinians).