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Eoin Murray
20 May 2022, 09:00

Premiere: Black Rave Culture ‘Deep Breathing’

Washington D.C.’s Black Rave Culture return with 12-tracks of genre-jumping dance music

Premiere: Black Rave Culture ‘Deep Breathing’

Black Rave Culture will release a new album, ‘BRC Vol 2’, in June. Listen to the track ‘Deep Breathing’ below. 

The Washington D.C. trio of Amal, James Bangura and DJ Nativesun follow their striking 2021 debut LP for HAUS of ALTR with 12 more cuts exploring the breadth of Black electronic dance music. It’s a masterclass in versatility and genre-alchemy: Up-front house and techno beats are chopped and tossed with Jersey Club and Bmore breaks; ‘Ha Dance’ samples, vocal echoes and giddy melodies dance about on bassy club rhythms; pinches of two-step, dembow and electro are introduced with an effortless flair. There are moments of psychedelic, dubby goodness, and a gorgeous guest vocal from Dreamcastmoe on the deep house pumper, ‘In My Bizness’. 

‘Deep Breathing’ ramps up the tempo with a racing footwork rhythm. Its breakdown is a sweet, meditative midpoint – a chance to catch your breath before the rib-shaking sub-bass kicks things right back into gear. 

 ‘BRC Vol 2’ will be released on 3rd June. Pre-order it here.