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Eoin Murray
28 September 2022, 16:05

Premiere: Coffintexts x Jonny From Space ‘CIENFUEGOS’

Miami’s Coffintexts and Jonny From Space link up on observe participate with four cuts of hot, heavy and hallucinatory club music

Coffintexts x Jonny From Space ‘CIENFUEGOS’

Miami’s Coffintexts and Jonny From Space will release a new collaborative EP,  ‘CIENFUEGOS’, via the former’s observe participate label this week. Listen to the title track below. 

Both artists have established themselves as prominent figures in their city’s underground electronic music scene in recent years, with Coffintexts becoming known for her thunderous DJ sets and prolific techno productions, and Jonny From Space earning his reputation (and namesake) as a resident at the popular Club Space and with releases on labels including Danny Daze’s OMNIDISC. 

On ‘CIENFUEGOS’, the pair deliver four tracks of hot and heavy club music that blends thick, rolling percussion with sizzling bass and psychedelic vocal loops. From the mood-building pulse of ‘TALK TO ME’ and the hallucinatory rhythmic steam of ‘MUY SEXI’, to the downtempo acid of ‘TOMA’, these tracks are built for sweaty, switched-on dancefloors where speakers shake your bones and bodies move as one. 

Riding on a syncopated beat, wavy synths and a glitching voice, the EP’s title track ends proceedings with a smouldering flourish. Like the rest of the release, it will delight fans of fellow Miami artists Nick Léon, Bitter Babe and INVT, who’ve been spearheading a new wave of bassy club sounds that have dominated dancefloors this summer.

‘CIENFUEGOS’  will be released this Friday 30th September. Pre-order it here