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Premiere: Despina ‘Alexa In Despair’

Brooklyn’s Despina debuts on all centre with four hi-def dancefloor mutations. Hear ‘Alexa In Despair’ now

Premiere: Despina ‘Alexa In Despair’

Despina will release a new EP, ‘Limb Slip’, via the prolific All Centre label this month. 

The Brooklyn-based DJ and producer follows their 2021 EP, ‘Data Soft’, with a similarly leftfield collection of hi-def dancefloor mutations; across its four tracks, uncanny sound designs are married with swooping bass bursts and galloping UK techno-style percussion. Where their last EP explored themes of intimacy, sensuality and identity in a digital world, these new tracks could provide the soundtrack to the nightclubs of a virtual dystopia. They’re very, very large.

Ahead of the EP’s full release on 11th February, check out ‘Alexa In Despair’ below. Pre-order ‘Limb Slip’ here