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Premiere: DJ Katapila ‘Fadidi’

Accra’s DJ Katapila blends Detroit techno with traditional Ghanaian rhythms and Twi vocals on his new EP for Tash LC’s Club Yeke

Premiere: DJ Katapila ‘Fadidi’

DJ Katapila is next up on Tash LC’s Club Yeke label with the ‘Techno Africa’ EP. Listen to ‘Fadidi’ below.

The DJ and producer from Jonestown, a coastal district in Accra, blends classic Detroit house and techno beats with traditional Ghanaian rhythms, infectious melodies and his own Twi vocals across six explosive club cuts on this EP. Marking the producer’s fourth solo release – and his first since 2018’s ‘Aroo’ – it’s a striking reintroduction to the artist and his distinctive, dancefloor-driven sound. 

Speaking about the EP, Katapila said: “I’m so happy that I have a release with Club Yeke. This will be my debut release with them. I love the label and the feeling was mutual. I am very grateful for CY, some people expect me to come back to the UK and to play shows everywhere. Enjoy the good music. Thanks to the producers and everyone who supported the record so far.”

‘Techno Africa’ lands on 9th September. Pre-order it here