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Eoin Murray
7 April 2022, 16:49

Premiere: Drummy ‘Double Stop’

Brooklyn’s Kindergarten Records celebrates its second anniversary and tenth release with four cuts of hyperdynamic club gear from Drummy

Premiere: Drummy ‘Double Stop’

Kindergarten Records is celebrating its second anniversary and tenth release this month with a new EP from label regular, Drummy. 

In the two years since it launched, the NYC label has earned a reputation for releasing maximal, rhythmic music that twists the sounds of the UK hardcore continuum into heavy, technoid forms. Releases from the likes of Ayesha, Sha Ru, Despina and Stolen Velour, along with two V/A EPs, have introduced a crew with a futuristic sonic ethos and an experimental flair. 

Drummy’s ‘Double Stop’ keeps that momentum going, offering up four cuts of hyperdynamic club gear.  ‘Turbine Squelch’ bursts with restless breaks, while the title track is a dark, industrial stomper with a funky flourish. The EP’s second half is a bubbling cauldron of hybridised soundsystem pressure, all tailored for maximum dancefloor mayhem.

Check out the title track below. 

‘Double Stop’ will be released on 15th April. Pre-order it here