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Premiere: Firkit el Lotus 'Nerjaa (Moving Still Edit)'

Disco Arabesquo Records launches its new 12” series with two  sparkling edits of ‘90s Kuwaiti music by Moving Still

Premiere: Firkit el Lotus 'Nerjaa (Moving Still Edit)'

Disco Arabesquo Records will launch a new 12” series, Yallah Ya Ashab (Let’s Go Friends), this month with two edits of ‘90s Kuwaiti music by Dublin-based DJ and producer Moving Still. 

Known for his festival-ready edits of music from the SWANA region, and his Arabic-inspired solo releases on labels such as Cooking With Palms Trax and Jive Hive, the Saudi-Irish artist’s debut on the Amsterdam-based DJ and collector’s recently launched eponymous imprint feels like a match made in disco heaven. Set for release on 30th January, the release was made in collaboration with the influential Kuwaiti cassette label Al Nazaer, and features fresh interpretations of tracks by the singer and actor, Bashar Ali Sultan, and the obscure group, Firkit el Lotus.

On the A-Side, Disco Arabesquo and Moving Still join forces to create a rousing take on Bashar’s ‘Omrena’, with the former taking charge of the arrangement and the latter introducing an irresistible arpeggiated bassline, pumping drums and glorious synths to the original cut’s lovelorn vocals and nostalgic guitar shreds. 

On the B-Side, which you can hear below, Moving Still adds a dose of heft to ‘Nerjaa’, a track he discovered on a Kuwaiti mahragan (festival) compilation a few years ago and became instantly obsessed with. Injecting the track’s gorgeous new jack swing beat and vocals with added 808 drums and speaker-shaking bass, the edit gives the mysterious one hit wonder a well-deserved lease of life. 

You can pre-order ‘Moving Still Edits 12″’ here.

Moving Still will join Ambient Babestation Meltdown and Esa for a party thrown by Donegal Social Club in London’s Pickle Factory on 18th February. Grab your tickets here

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Photo credit: Cáit Fahey