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Premiere: Harrison BDP ‘Just A Game’

Harrison BDP returns to Dansu Discs with four blissful, acid-dipped house tracks

Premiere: Harrison BDP ‘Just A Game’

Harrison BDP will release a new EP, ‘Cactus Girl’, via Dansu Discs this month. Listen to ‘Just A Game’ below. 

After appearing on the Manchester label for the first time back in January alongside Ed Hodge, the Welsh DJ and producer makes his solo debut with four cuts of blissful house with flourishes of acid, prog and electro. From the loose and looping vibe of ‘Lazy Bones’ to the cosmic rush of ‘Bad Boys From The Milky Way (Feat. DJOKO)’ it’s another stone cold gem from an artist who’s built his name with spritely grooves and deep moods.

The title track has a classic electro sizzle, while ‘Just A Game’ pushes forward with a pupil-dilating synth lead, a bubbling acid backbone and driving bass. Irresistible. 

‘Cactus Girl’ will be released on  11th November. Pre-order it here