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Eoin Murray
8 February 2023, 09:20

Premiere: Ian DPM ‘Acid Dance (Vocal)’

Scuffed Recordings co-founder Ian DPM debuts on Mantissa with a suite of breaksy, acid-dipped belters

Premiere: Ian DPM ‘Acid Dance (Vocal)’

Ian DPM will release a new EP, ‘Evening Service’, via London’s Mantissa label this month. Listen to ‘Acid Dance (Vocal)’ below.

The Scuffed Recordings co-founder and Definite Party Material boss delivers four cuts of barnstorming breaks, acid bass and blistering UK techno beats on his first solo release in almost a year. The EP follows his appearance on Rhythm Section International’s ‘SHOUTS 2022’ compilation and, like his contribution to that release, demonstrates his knack for clever sampling and an aptitude for crafting club-tuned heaters.

From the mood-building rave NRG of ‘Evening Service’ and the moody zaps of ‘UT6’,  to the acid-dipped techno dancehall of ‘Acid Dance’ (which also gets a frenzied remix from Compliments), this one’s a winner. 

Speaking about the release, Ian said: “I wrote the core of this EP last summer, most of the tracks began as straight-up club tracks but as they progressed, I wanted to play with shifting the energy and vibe throughout and think I’ve come up with a series of tracks that are dynamic but still (somewhat) functional.

“This track [Acid Dance] in particular was formed from a couple of loops sampled from an old Duke Ellington record from 1947. It’s the little stringy part you can hear clearly toward the end but it’s in there under FX for the whole track. I liked it at its current tempo and originally was gonna use it for a throwaway hip-hop beat but once I started building on it I thought a grandiose dancehall track would be fun and here we are!”

‘Evening Service’ will be released on 17th February. Pre-order/save it here

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