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Premiere: J-Shadow ‘Parallel Worlds’

J-Shadow’s debut album for Keysound Recordings is an eight-track collection of cosmic, exploratory sounds inspired by the UK’s long electronic music lineage and perceptions of reality

Premiere: J-Shadow ‘Parallel Worlds’

J-Shadow will release his debut album, ‘Final Departure’, via Keysound Recordings this month. Listen to ‘Parallel Worlds’ below. 

The London-based DJ and producer follows releases on Beat Machine Records and Sneaker Social Club with an eight-tracker that finds him continuing his journey into the outer-dimensions of experimental electronic music, bringing with him his well-honed chops in grime, garage, hardcore, IDM and techno sounds. These tracks stretch deep into sci-fi sonic terrain, with alien beats and ambient zaps darting around fractured breakbeats and hallmarks of the hardcore continuum. 

As he explained in his DJ Mag Fresh Kicks interview earlier this year, influences for the album include “space travelling, perceptions of reality, parallel worlds and different conscious states”. Expanding on this in the album’s press notes, he said: “I see beauty in the complexity of life from the cosmic scale to the quantum. From all that we can observe, this world stands as a uniquely multifarious sphere in which we just happen to exist.”

“I love to take ideas and attempt to conceptualise them into an audible expedition,” he added. “I find that music serves as an extraordinary medium to project my perception of the universe. Sometimes I will reach for certain influences and deconstruct them into an amalgamation of conscious experiences that reflect my vision of how I see the world.”

A genuinely unique and adventurous album, ‘Final Departure’ is a statement piece from one of the UK’s most innovative producers. It’s out on 14th October. Pre-order it here. 

Photo credit: Chelone Wolf