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Premiere: KaySoul ‘Mr Ray In Cosmic’

Johannesburg’s KaySoul debuts on Dirt Crew Recordings with an EP of crisp, classic deep house.  Hear ‘Mr Ray In Cosmic’ now

Premiere: KaySoul ‘Mr Ray In Cosmic’

KaySoul will debut on Berlin’s Dirt Crew Recordings this month with the ‘Frequency Rays of One Cosmic’ EP. 

The Johannesburg-based producer draws influence from the pioneering deep house sounds of Larry Heard, and puts a decade worth of production experience into this EP’s three cuts. Plump bass grooves, dusty keys and crisp beats converge on a release that feels at once classic and totally fresh. Combined with a sweet, soulful remix by Clive From Accounts, and you’re onto a real winner. 

You can listen to ‘Mr Ray In Cosmic’ from the EP below. 

‘Frequency Rays of One Cosmic’ will be released on 11th February. Pre-order it here