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Eoin Murray
15 August 2022, 14:48

Premiere: Lithe ‘Mainline’

Lithe returns to Glasgow and Cork-based label, Flood, with four cuts of warped hard drum and techno

Premiere: Lithe ‘Mainline’

Lithe will release a new EP, ‘Mainline’, via Glasgow/Cork’s Flood label this week. Listen to the title track below. 

The Australian producer, who last appeared on the label with 2020’s ‘Nos’ EP, returns with four more cuts of percussive club music with an alien, industrial edge. Expanding on the hard drum foundations that the label built its name on, Lithe fleshes out the sound’s thunderous, syncopated drums with viscous sub bass and icy melodic shards. ‘Knock’ takes the tempo down to a lurching cyborg stomp, while closer ‘Wikd’ offers the producer's take on something akin to Robert Hood’s techno minimalism – galloping, hypnotic and hard. 

‘Mainline’ will be released this Friday, 19th August. Pre-order it here.