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Premiere: Lorenzo_BITW ‘Pantea (Prest Remix)’

Lorenzo_BITW invites fellow Italian producers and vocalists to remix and reimagine his 2021 album for Future Bounce

Premere: Lorenzo_BITW ‘Pantea (Prest Remix)’

Lorenzo_BITW has invited a number of Italian artists to remix and reimagine his album ‘Pantea’ for Jamz Supernova’s Future Bounce label. Listen to Prest’s remix of the title track below. 

Originally released on the same label in May 2021, the Roman producer’s second album was an ode to his home country soulfully told through tribal house and funky-influenced rhythms, velvety jazz instrumentation and cosmic synths. Now, with the help of a variety of rising Italian vocalists and producers, he’s evolving these tracks on ‘Pantea 22’.

On 11th November, he released ‘Fiori Di Loto’, which built on instrumentals from ‘Pantea’ and features vocals from LaHasna. Later that month, the gorgeous R&B cut, ‘Luna’, which features Santo Blue, was released.

Now, Roman DJ, producer and former Goa Club resident has offered his own spin on the album’s title track, adding a hefty house thump to the original track’s percussive swing, and letting its anthemic synths loose with an added splash of euphoria. Check it out below. 

More contributors to the new EP include M-eye and Yasmina. 

‘Pantea 22’ will be released this Friday 9th December. You’ll be able to buy it here