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Premiere: Mahkina ‘Dark Matter’

Mexico’s Mahkina debuts on Diffuse Reality Records with 11 tracks of big room techno with an underground twist

Premiere: Mahkina ‘Dark Matter’

Mahkina will release a new album, ‘Sagittarius A’, via Diffuse Reality Records this month. Listen to ‘Dark Matter’ below. 

The Mexican DJ and producer, aka Alex Aguayo, who has previously released music on Paradiso Records, LouLou Records, Pogo House and more, returns with 11 tracks that balance big-room techno sonics with a dash of underground grit. Driving beats and thundering kicks abound, propelling Aguayo’s euphoric synth melodies and acid basslines into peak time territory with a decidedly sci-fi streak, and more than a hint of classic trance. It’s no surprise his music has been played out by the likes of Alex Niggemann, Juan MacLean, Local Suicide and Zombies In Miami. 

‘Sagittarius A’ will be released on 31st January. Pre-order it here