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Premiere: Minimal Violence 'Focus on that Form’

The final instalment in Minimal Violence’s Tresor EP trilogy lands next week. Hear 'Focus on that Form’ now

Premiere: Minimal Violence 'Focus on that Form’

Tresor will release the final instalment in its trilogy of Minimal Violence EPs next week. 

Spanning five tracks, 'Phase Three' in the 'DESTROY —> [physical] REALITY [psychic] <— TRUST' series is the first release from Minimal Violence since the project shrunk from a duo to the solo project of Ash Luk. One track on the release, ‘Flatline’, features lyrics written by Luk's mother, and vocals from their stepfather, Mad Johnny, who played in metal and industrial bands while Luk was growing up.

The release’s accompanying text explains that "the departure of long-time collaborator Lida P., in conjunction with the hormonal and physical changes beginning with Ash in their own journey as a transgender artist, led to the culminating chapter of Transformation and Transcendence originally outlined by the duo when creating the three-part series framework".

The trilogy began in early 2020, with the second part of the series arriving early last year.

Ahead of its full release on 4th March, you can hear the track 'Focus on that Form’ below. Pre-order ‘Phase Three’ here