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Premiere: Mossambi ‘The Pastry Chef’

All Centre kicks off the year with a dizzying debut four-tracker from Mossambi

Premiere: Mossambi ‘The Pastry Chef’

London-based producer Mossambi will release his debut EP, ‘Resurf’, via All Centre this month. Listen to ‘The Pastry Chef’ below. 

The DJ Mag Best Of British nominated label continues its pursuits in championing new artists with its first release of the year and, as introductions go, ‘Resurf’ is dizzying. Channeling the glitching sound design and kinetic beats of label affiliates Sobolik, SHE Spells Doom and Coe, Mossambi crafts a mutant strain of club music with a distinctly ethereal edge. Technoid drums sizzle, stutter and stumble gleefully around gusts of bass, while the blissed-out synths in ‘Cross Seam’ and ‘Resurf1800’ bring a melodic gloss that will delight fans of Two Shell and Overmono

‘The Pastry Chef’ ends the EP on a tough, tectonic high. A driving techno beat propels arpeggiated bass and fizzy FX before things crumble into a dark, cavernous breakdown. When it all kicks into gear with industrial screeches, sub growls and babbling electronics, it’s hard not to feel totally charged. 

‘Resurf’ will be released on 13th January. You’ll be able to buy it through All Centre’s Bandcamp