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Eoin Murray
10 October 2022, 16:23

Premiere: Naphta ‘Bruzdy w ziemi ryte'

Naphta blends traditional Polish folk samples with echoing ambience and rumbling dubstep on his debut album for Tańce

Premiere: Naphta ‘Bruzdy w ziemi ryte'

Naphta will release a new album, ‘Żałość’, via Kraków’s Tańce label this month. Listen to ‘Bruzdy w ziemi ryte' below. 

The Polish producer’s latest projects finds him working with traditional folk samples from the eastern Polesie, Radomskie and Kozła regions in Greater Poland, blending them with echoing ambient electronics, rumbling dubstep-inspired rhythms and bass, and vocals from Vienna-based, Polish artist Mala Herba. The album’s title translates to mean ‘Grief’; the eight-track collection is described as a sort of mourning for the country’s natural landscape and communities, though when lo-fi recordings of major key string motifs soar over weighty beats, it’s hard not to feel that there is also hope, and a lot of love, in the mix here too.

The release of ‘Żałość’ follows 2021’s ‘Dom strawiło’, which saw Naphta being nominated in the Nowa Tradycja awards, which recognises performers of Polish folk music; it was a pivotal, and slightly controversial, moment, considering his primary instrument is a sampler. 

It’s no surprise that he was nominated though. Naphtha’s treatment of Polish folk music across  ‘Żałość’ is one of respect and reverence; vocal and instrumental samples are given ample room to let rip and breathe above his thoughtful electronic productions. The result is thrilling, and unlike anything else you’ll hear this year. 

Speaking about ‘Bruzdy w ziemi ryte’, the title of which translates as 'furrows in the ground', Naptha says. “[It’s] one of my favorite tracks on the album and definitely one of the more playful ones. On the one hand, it's the homage to the booming bass and skeletal drums of early dubstep, on the other – it's the affirmation of the unhinged nature of ‘muzykant’. These people held a special place in the lives of the rural communities in the past, giving people the music when needed – weddings, village parties, and other special occasions. Often seen as a people with a connection to the dark forces, muzykants were revered, but also feared and kept at safe distance. “

‘Żałość’ will be released on 28th October. Pre-order it here

Photo credit: Michal Wdowikowski