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Premiere: Ozwald ‘No Vibe’

Dublin’s Ozwald returns to Flood with four cathartic cuts of percussive club music 

Premiere: Ozwald ‘No Vibe’

Ozwald returns to Glasgow-via-Cork’s Flood label this week with the ‘Degrees Of Freedom’ EP. Listen to ‘No Vibe’ now. 

The Dublin-based DJ and producer’s second release for the label arrives just under three years after his debut, and pushes his percussive club style to the next level. Written gradually amidst the uncertain period of lockdowns during the pandemic, the EP’s four tracks channel the frustration and pent-up energy of that time with tense, laser-focused drums and heavy atmospheres. 

‘No Vibe’ is a cathartic eruption of drums. Rolling beats and triplet trills bounce on top of a techno pulse, while distorted synths burst into the mix with war horn intensity. 

'Degrees Of Freedom' is out this Friday, 2rd February. Pre-order it here