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Premiere: Phil Kieran ‘Troy Theme’

Northern Irish techno stalwart Phil Kieran provides a tense and adrenaline-filled electronic soundtrack to new crime thriller, Nightride

Phil Kieran sitting in a cinema filled with red seats

Phil Kieran has produced the soundtrack to a new crime thriller film, Nightride. Listen to the track, ‘Troy Theme’ below. 

The Northern Irish techno stalwart sculpts a suitably tense and adrenaline-filled score for the one-shot flick, which follows a small-time Belfast criminal as he attempts to carry out one final job before leaving that world behind him. Kieran’s propulsive soundtrack captures the pulse-racing energy at the heart of the film, from the shadowy streetlight ambience of ‘The Thief’ to the climactic techno stomp of ‘World War Four (Part 2)’  and ‘Hells Bells’. As protagonist Budge’s night accelerates to a heart-in-mouth peak, Kieran’s tracks push the drama forward. 

Speaking about his debut film score, Kieran said: ‘It’s a natural transition, DJing involves giving shape and a voice to a night, creating continuum and momentum. The best DJs bring people on a journey, curating emotions. We create atmospheres; sometimes hypnotic or transcendent, other times it’s chaotic or euphoric. They’re both forms of storytelling. When I’m DJing I love playing longer sets, they have room for a narrative to play out’.

‘Troy Theme’ lands at the centre the soundtrack release, with a marching techno beat, throbbing bass and an eerie synth lead. Like much of the score, it’s a track that will work just as well on a dark dancefloor as it does in the context of the film. Check it out below. 

‘Nightride Soundtrack’ will be released tomorrow 6th May. You buy it through Phil Kieran’s Bandcamp. Watch Nightride on Netflix.