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Premiere: Primrose ‘1980 Dream’

Primrose debuts on Or:la’s Céad label with “a romantic and hopelessly optimistic ode to the dancefloor”

Photo of Primrose with his face leaning against his hand. He's looking to the right of the camera. He's wearing thick black-rimmed glasses and a blue sweater

Primrose is next up on Or:la’s Céad label with the ‘Los Angeles Wingspan’ EP. Listen to ‘1980 Dream’ below. 

The London producer and Origins resident DJ's second EP comes exactly a year on from his debut, ‘Set My Heart On Fire’, which introduced his tender-hearted take on music for the dancefloor with a mix of emotive melodies and nimble beats that blend elements of house, breakbeat and classic synth pop. Both original tracks on ‘Los Angeles Wingspan’ build on these foundations, diving deeper into club territory while retaining his tuneful take on structure and mood, honed during his years spent playing in live bands. 

“The EP was written dreaming of expansive, communal dancefloor experiences, whilst also enduring feelings of loneliness and seclusion” said Primrose of the release. “Influences arose from '80s film soundtracks, and more of a songwriting approach to dance music emerged. The result is a romantic and hopelessly optimistic ode to the dancefloor, whilst also mourning its absence from one’s own life.”

‘1980 Dream’ feels tailor-made for festival sunsets and sunrises; its techy stomp props up an irresistible organ bass, chirruping melody and glowing synth backdrop. The mood conjured is one of promise for the wide-eyed night ahead, or the warm fuzz of the afterglow. The title track will thrive between those times – a quick-footed cosmic thumper that begs to be played over a big outdoor system accompanied by criss-crossing beams of coloured light. Capped off with a deep, breaksy twist on ‘1980 Dream’ by Or:la, we expect to be hearing these tunes played out a lot as summer settles in. 

‘Los Angeles Wingspan’  will be released on 6th May. Pre-order it here.

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