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Premiere: Sha Sha Kimbo ‘Physically Closed’

LA’s Sha Sha Kimbo serves up three peak-time techno slammers on the ‘Wonder Tech’ EP, with a wild remix from DJ Girl. Hear  ‘Physically Closed’ now

Premiere: Sha Sha Kimbo ‘Physically Closed’

Sha Sha Kimbo will release a new EP, ‘Wonder Tech’, via  her own Planet Bliss Records in April.

The Los Angeles producer follows the release of her 2021 EP, ‘Total Chaos’, on John Frusciante and Aura T-09’s Evar Records with three cuts of slamming peak-time techno. Tough, jacking beats, full-pelt kicks and maximal rave sonics erupt without too much ceremony, ready to take on dark basement dancefloors or immense warehouse festival stages. 

‘Dots For Dummies’ in particular goes off like a rogue firework. Capped off with a turbocharged remix of the title track from DJ Girl, this release hits hard, and is not for the faint of heart.

Listen to ‘Physically Closed’ below ahead of the EP's full release on 12th April.