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Eoin Murray
22 March 2022, 15:33

Premiere: Space Ghost ‘Time Station’

Oakland’s Space Ghost debuts on Pacific Rhythm with an album of gentle, breezy house and ambient music inspired by the Northern California coast and personal restoration

Premiere: Space Ghost ‘Time Station’

Space Ghost will release his new album, ‘Private Paradise’, via Vancouver’s Pacific Rhythm this month. 

The Oakland producer’s new eight-tracker was written in the early days of the pandemic, and is an ode to a period spent on the coast of Northern California during that time, where he microdosed shrooms and sought opportunities to recharge and feel restored by nature. Unsurprisingly, these tracks bask in a gentle, breezy space, gliding from gorgeous ambient jams into lush deep house a lá Larry Heard. It’s a pleasure to nestle into this album’s patient flow, and let the dusty analog beats, shore wash synths and soft-focus distortion wash over you. 

Below, you can hear ‘Time Station’, one of the album’s more upbeat cuts, where a chiming melody and velvety bass glide above a steady beat. 

‘Private Paradise’ will be released on 31st March. Pre-order it here