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Premiere: Surgeons Girl 'Night Moths'

Surgeons Girl debuts on Barcelona’s Lapsus Records with a five-track suite of exploratory synths and otherworldly club textures

Premiere: Surgeons Girl 'Night Moths'

Surgeons Girl will release a new EP, ‘Sever’, via Barcelona’s Lapsus Records this month. Listen to ‘Night Moths’ below. 

The Bristolian composer, whose work centres on her use of analogue electronics, vocals and piano, follows appearances on Livity Sound and Inside Out Records with a five-track suite of exploratory synth and otherworldly club textures. 

There’s something of Barker’s enchanting, kickless techno to the opening tracks on ‘Sever’. In ‘Sparks’, plush arpeggios a lá Arushi Jain dance and swell around a soft-focus fulcrum. ‘First Fall’ teeters closer to the dancefloor, its freeform synth flourishes guided by gently chattering hi-hats and claps.  

‘Ash To Soil’ brings back the Livity fuel; a thick, dubwise techno/IDM beat propels Surgeons Girls’ synthesisers to an intense, distorted peak. ‘Night Moths’ keeps the energy up with a lead melody that feels as though it could collapse under the weight of its euphoric final push, held together with a tremoring beat. 

Winding down with the pristine ambient title track, ‘Sever’ is another strong leap forward for Surgeons Girl, whose unique blend of classically-trained electronic music (her work has been compared to that of Suzanne Ciani) and bassy, UK techno has set her in a lane of her own. We’re curious to see where she goes with it. 

‘Sever’ will be released on 14th October. Pre-order it here

Photo credit: Lisa Whiting