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Premiere: Toumba ‘Shurooq’

Jordanian producer Toumba blends Levantine folk with bass-heavy club music on new London label, Hypnic Jerks

Premiere: Toumba ‘Shurooq’

Toumba will release a new EP, ‘Rosefinch’, via new London label Hypnic Jerks. Listen to ‘Shurooq’ below. 

The Amman, Jordan-based DJ, producer and MNFA venue curator kicks the label off with his debut vinyl release. Following an EP on All Centre and a self-released VIP edits pack, he steps up with five tracks that blend his trademark bass-heavy, percussive club music with elements of Levantine folk music. From the high-energy zest of ‘Multipack Of Limes’ to the rumbling pulse of ‘Lil Amam Sir’, it’s a striking step into the spotlight from the burgeoning artist.

‘Rosefinch’ will be released on 11th November. Pre-order it here

A resident at the MMAG Foundation in Amman, Toumba has been central to the club scene in his hometown and throughout the Levant region. In 2020, he put together the ‘Grief Into Rage’ compilation to raise funds for victims of the horrific explosion in Beirut, which featured music from 36 electronic artists from around the world.