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Premiere: Ziyiz ‘Sprung Skeleton’

Leeds’ Ziyiz steps up on Brooklyn’s Kindergarten Records with four cuts hyperactive, sci-fi-tuned club music

Premiere: Ziyiz ‘Sprung Skeleton’

Ziyiz will make their solo debut on Brooklyn’s Kindergarten Records next month with the ‘Pattern Factory’ EP. Listen to ‘Sprung Skeleton’ below. 

The Leeds producer follows an appearance on the DJ Mag Best of North America Breakthrough Label awards winners’ ‘Fluo II’ comp with four tracks of hyperactive, sci-fi-tuned club music that pluck influences from across British electronic music history. Flashes of IDM, grime  and garage bounce off techno, UK funky and post-dubstep beats, fitting comfortably into the Kindergarten catalogue alongside the likes of Ayesha and Drummy, while nodding to everyone from Burial and A.G. Cook to Objekt and aya.

The EP’s title comes from what is described as a “factory that Ziyiz has discovered”. “This factory attempts to recreate artefacts using incomplete, corrupted data gathered from our world. Seeking to reconstruct historical information. A museum that prints its collection, with each iteration, attempting to come closer and closer to an authentic reproduction of an ancient artefact. This Pattern Factory Method however creates only corrupted forms, fragmented relics and inaccurate antiquities.”

‘Pattern Factory will be released on 4th November. Pre-order it here