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Ian DPM, Silverlining, Fear-E, Jayne Winstanley | Artist Charts February 2021

In DJ Mag's February artist charts, four DJs select their top 10 tracks of the month, spanning glossy club bangers, jazzy house, jacking techno and synth-pop classics


Based in the electronic music haven that is Bristol, Ian DPM is curator of the Definite Party Material platform, works as an A&R and label manager for Lobster Theremin, and alongside High Class Filter, runs the essential Scuffed Recordings outlet. This month the label drops the fifth edition of its popular V/A series ‘Scuffed Presents’ featuring Dawn Razor, Maya Q and more, and while clubs are closed you can catch Ian spinning on his regular Noods Radio slot.

01.  Dervisis  ‘05φιتتÇ’  Eclipse Tribez 

“Wigged-out percy roller with a cheeky dose of breaks. Find myself whistling the synth line all the time. Title reads ‘Chiftetelli’, by the way.”

02.  Nikki Nair  ‘cclluubb’  Scuffed Recordings

“Stripped-out Baltimore club tool from one of the best. It’s super-functional but also a bop in its own right.”

03.  Pseudopolis  ‘Pressure’  Redstone Press

“Dubby, driving, broken techno. Late-night, heads-down, in-the-basement business for sure.”

04.  Tim Reaper  ‘Teletext’  Lobster Theremin

“Monster jungle tune, the choral sample takes this one to the next level. It’s getting difficult not to play a Tim Reaper tune in every set.”

05.  Swordman Kitala  ‘Heat Flexx (O’ Flynn & Ekhe Remix)’  Blip Discs

“There’s elements of UK funky, techno, grime and dancehall in this one but it’s too nuts to pigeonhole.”

06.  AYA  ‘delishus’  YCO

“Hyper-fun, super-clean, glossy club banger. Amazing sound design too.”

07.  An Avrin  ‘Pre-Columbian Gold Museum’  Self-released

“Wonky bass thumper, the Sho Madjozi vocal dub is an absolute BOP.”

08.  Untitled Artist  ‘Vol 2 B1’  Trigger Happy

“This one’s a bonkers happy hardcore/jungle hybrid. Proper euphoric, end of the night silliness.”

09.  Soreab  ‘Cave Walk (Cando Remix)’  Le Chatroom

“Big, bad, modern tribal screamer. Just gets rowdier and rowdier.”

10.  J-Hus  ‘No Denying’  Black Butter

“I guess this is kind of a ‘curveball’ in a clubby set but the instrumental isbasically dubstep? Aggy tune, J-Hus at his best.” 


Silverlining has been active as a DJ and producer for over 25 years. Initially releasing and DJing under his real name Asad Rizvi, in a rich and varied music career he’s worked under multiple collaborative aliases, and has long used solo project Silverlining for his more dancefloor-focused material on Wiggle, Eukahouse and Tag. His new album ‘Simulacra’ is out now on Silverlining Dubs.

01.  Relic  ‘H’ Aesthetic

“Burnski and Michael James get back in the studio to put down this EP of classy underground jams. ‘H’ is my pick of the bunch with its skippy syncopation overlaid with twinkly bells, blobby squidges and funk stabs.”

02.  DJOKO ‘Little Mice’  Berg

“This talented and hard-working chap has released on PIV, Rutilence, Shall Not Fade and more. His latest — for the ever-reliable Berg Records from Strasbourg — is groovy, energetic and musical in equal measures.”

03.  Silverlining  ‘Aura’  Silverlining Dubs

“After 25 years of seemingly endless 12”s, it was probably high-time I put together something that resembles an actual album. The package covers a range of influences from early Chicago, to electro, minimal house and breaks. ‘Aura’ is a quirky nod to the warm, jazzy-tinged house music of Detroit.”

04.  Anthony Rother  ‘Our Reality’  Psi49net

“This vocoder-driven, contemporary approach to Kraftwerk-style techno-rumination has really resonated with me, especially seeing as I concurrently explored similar themes on the aforementioned project.”

05.  Archie Hamilton x Silverlining  ‘Make The Difference’ / ’Waisted’  Make The Difference 

“I was honoured to be asked to remix these two tunes for Archie’s new Make The Difference imprint. One is my take on his track featuring the legendary Mr V on vocals; the other is my version of his 2019 bomb, ‘Waisted’. Both are on the chunkier end of my sound with cut-up breaks and acid lines underpinning Archie’s original parts.”

06.  Norm Talley/Omar-S  ‘Muggy Detroit Heat’  Upstairs Asylum 

“A sweaty if doleful techno groover from these dons of the Motor City. Soft on the ears at home listening levels, yet powerful when played, well, even louder at home, for now.”

07.  Codie Currie  ‘No Future’  Shall Not Fade

“The B2 cut on this forthcoming EP by Codie Currie. The whole EP is filled with lush musicality, but it’s this lopsided and stripped techno groove with an Abe Duque feel that will get plays during the darker moments of my sets.”

08.  Bäs Noir  ’My Love Is Magic’  Nu Groove

“Having been slightly too young to catch the 1988 summer of love, I’m still picking up gems from that era today. I found this the other week at South London’s wax über-haven, Palace Vinyl — it’s by two ladies from the early New Jersey garage scene. It’s music from this era that inspired the ‘Tundra’ track on my album, with Saba on vocals.”

09.  Dan Kye  ‘Rainbow Road’  Rhythm Section

“Off one of my favourite electronic albums of last year, featuring some more dancefloor-orientated outings by multi-instrumentalist, Jordan Rakei, tastefully fusing wonky electronic house with jazz and funk influences. This one oozes pure groove with its restrained vocals, funk guitars and analogue synths all bubbling along confidently.”

10.  Dennis Quin  ‘Chanté (Silverlining Remix)’  PIV

“With countless memories playing and dancing to the original ‘Eau de Chanté’ by Delicious Inc, I was stoked when PIV asked me to remix Dennis Quin’s faithful tribute version. Using the excellent vocal work by Karmina Dai, I tried to keep the heavy house feel of the original intact while fusing it with some metallic elements of NY-style house dubs from the ‘90s.”


Scott McKay, aka Fear-E, is a DJ and producer based in Glasgow. Over the last few years — until the pandemic and Brexit struck — he’s broken out of his home city to play all over Europe, while simultaneously releasing on labels like Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dark Entries, Super Rhythm Trax, Don’t Be Afraid, Hilltown Disco, Avoidant, Shadow Child’s Takeout label and Street Tracks, as well as his self-releasing Fear-E Bandcamp.

01.  Cyan85  ‘They Space Out’  Self-released

“Amazing bassline backed up with some other-worldly pads and keys. Reminds me of Drexciya without being a rip-off.”

02.  Coco Bryce  ‘Luv Ain EZ (LMajor Remix)’  Goddezz

"Belting jungle remix from LMajor. Big bubbling bassline and some great chord stabs that are also reversed to great effect.”

03.  Mark Forshaw  ‘Culture’  Self-released

“Mark makes bangers, and this is no different. Chicago-tinged acid with added menacing strings section on top for good measure.”

04.  Ruskin & Broom  ‘Sn7’  Blueprint

"Driving, jacking techno from two of the best that manages to keep an element of funk.”

05.  Larionov & St Theodore  ‘Destruction Wave’  Craigie Knowes

“Such a simple but effective track. Booming 909 drums with some haunting synths all the way through.”

06.  Detroit In Effect  ‘Stick Up’  Avoidant

“Bouncy electro with an infectious old skool riff from a legend.”

07.  Defekt feat. Jensen Interceptor  ‘Mind Lock’  International Chrome

“Absolutely evil track, no other way to describe it.”

08.  Posthuman  ‘Terror Police’  Lobster Theremin

“Was sent this electro belter a while back. Robotic vocals, trademark Posthuman acid line and a gated synth that adds severe tension.”

09.  Rheji Burrell pres. The Utopia Project ‘Destiny’  Running Back

“What a welcome return this whole EP was from one of the finest house producers to exist.”

10.  Millsart  ‘L’Addition S’il Vous Plait’  Axis

“There’s been some really amazing music to come from the ‘Every Dog Has Its Day’ series, and this is one of the tracks.”

Jayne Winstanley

Jayne cut her teeth DJing in the acid house scene in the North-West of England at the turn of the ‘90s. A passionate music lover, record collector, promoter, venue manager and radio host now based in Brighton, she prefers a genre-spanning back room set to the main room these days. “Unless,” she says, “it’s the warm-up, where I can be a bit more self-indulgent with my selections. When people come out to see me play, I want to give them a night to remember and try to bring the dancefloor together as one — there’s no better buzz for me than that.” Her chart for DJ Mag moves from “Balearic sunrise to cosmic chuggy bangers” in 10 tracks.

01.  Max Richter  ‘All Human Beings Parts 1-4’  Decca

“Beautiful and heart-achingly good. In 2021 it’s a damn shame that some people still need reminding of this.”

02.  Crazy P ‘Kari’  Don’t Walk Productions

“The brilliant Crazy P with Manchester’s finest frontwoman, an inspiration and force of nature Danielle Moore on vocals. From the ‘Age Of The Ego’ album — melodic, orchestrated and ethereal goodness.”

03.  Dan Wainwright  ‘I Love You’  Sprechen Records

“From the ‘Hope & Deliverance’ EP, this super-talented artist is one to watch. There’s no genre that this producer/DJ can’t put his magic touch to.”

04.  Daniel Avery  ‘Lone Swordsman’  Mute

“Emotional and stellar tribute to the forever loved and eternally missed Guv’nor, Andrew Weatherall.”

05.  RBJ  ‘Your Brain On Music’  Ron’s Reworks #2

“Kept me rocking through lockdown 1.0 with this damn fine edit, pure class.”

06.  Danny Mekanik feat. Kelvin Andrews  ‘MAGiC FLOWER (Wide Open)' Self-released

“From Candy Flip, Sound 5 to Soul Mekanik, these fine chaps have rocked more dancefloors than I’ve had hot dinners, and are still coming up with the goods after more than 30 years in the biz.”

07.  Amy Douglas  ‘Never Saw It Coming (Crooked Man Dub)’  DFA

“My 1BTN radio station sister, a total badass, incredible vocalist and songwriter. Delightful, dubbed out and sleazy.”

08.  40 Thieves  ‘Backward Love’  Leng Records

“Early release from the mighty Leng that still hits the spot. Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy and Simon Purnell excel in the deliverance of cosmic disco-not-disco chuggy dancefloor excellence. No one does it better for me.”

09.  Unknown Artist  ‘Croatia White’  Waffles

“Belgian-based edit label put their brilliant touch to ‘Elektra’, a track by Zdenka Kovacice from 1978. Absolute banger — get me back to Barbarellas immediately!”

10.  Glass Candy  ‘Warm In The Winter’  Italians Do It Better 

“Emotional synth-pop classic that brought me to tears on NYE 2020, on the epic A Love From Outer Space livestream with Sean Johnston, timeless.”