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Selections: DJ BORING

In our new regular feature, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share recent additions to their Bandcamp collections. This week, Aussie DJ, producer, and more recently a live artist, DJ BORING, steps up with ten picks spanning '80s infused electro to ethereal broken beats, from the likes of Applescal, Ciel, and Kush Jones 

Record stores and clubs around the world are shut, and opportunities to find new music out in the wild have been ripped from under our feet as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While hearing new music played out by your favourite DJs will have to be put on hold due to these unprecedented circumstances, it’s never been easier, or more important, to support the artists and labels putting out EPs, albums and compilations in the midst of all the madness.

With tour cancellations and festival postponements leaving many members of the international electronic music community out of pocket, Bandcamp has become an even more vital platform for supporting the music you love, with 80% of all sales from the online music store going directly to artists and labels. Last month, the platform announced it would be waiving its revenue share for all sales for one day, and on 20th March, took no cut from purchases made. In total, $4.3 million was spent on music over the course of 24 hours, all going straight to the creators. On 1st of May, and the first Friday of every month until July,  it will waive its revenue share again for 24 hours. Time to start adding releases to your Wishlist then, and purchase on the day to ensure all of your spending goes directly to the artists and labels you love. 

In our new regular series. Selections, we’re inviting DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share recent additions to their Bandcamp collections. In lieu of opportunities to discover new records on the dancefloor, Selections – along with radio shows and mixes – will give you the chance to nab new sounds from the crates of tastemakers, and support the artists behind them while you’re at it. Win-win, right? 

This week, Australian DJ, producer, and more recently a live artist, DJ BORING, steps up with ten gems from his Bandcamp selection, spanning '80s-inspired electro, ethereal breaks and chunky club cuts. Now London-based, DJ BORING — real name Tristan Hallis — first emerged back in 2017 with his (now iconic) hazy, lo-fi house roller, 'Winona'. After a string of releases on the likes of E-Beamz and Shall Not Fade, Hallis continued to refine his sound, moving away from the muffled lo-fi soundscapes and into more dancefloor-driven territories. Hallis also embarked on his first live tour in 2019, affirming his place as a diverse and progressive artist, and continuing to push his own sonic boundaries when making music. His 'Like Water' EP, released earlier this year via Technicolour, is an effervescent five-tracker, teeming with sci-fi sounding pads, emotive chords and club-ready beats. 

Check out DJ BORING's Bandcamp selections below.

Jacques Greene
'Bambi' [DCYY/到此一游]

"When I first heard JG track Bambi, it made remember all the amazing nights I’ve had at the Toronto club. I knew I would love this track the moment i read the name. The harsh distorted pads, the bleeps, the perfect vocal chops and the smooth well known JQ percussion we all love makes this track beautiful."

'Losing Words' [HAUS of ALTR]

"AshTreJenkins is a producer I love, he can creatively produce any genre with his own twist to it. The percussion in this track works perfectly with the lead. Big big fan of this."

'Synthlove (_the sky)' [Atomnation]

"It was hard to choose which track i would like to post about when it comes to this album, every track is produced beautifully. I chose synthlove (_the sky) because it has that 80’s synth pop pads and the crisp lead arpeggiator. I recommended everyone to listen to the album."

Kush Jones
'Earth Note' [Future Times]

"Another hard one to choose which track i would post about. The whole EP is different and exceptional. The fast paced, percussion heavy, bouncy bass line together with the melodic lead synth just creates this infectious groove that makes you want to boogie in isolation."

Sally C
'OG Chunker' [Big Saldo's Chunkers]

"Sallys first EP and it’s phenomenal. Really love her sets and she’s really portrayed her sets into her own productions. This 90’s groove is everything you could ever want from a track. 11/10 big saldo energy."

Miami Nights 1984
'The Getaway' [Miami Nights 1984]

"Anything 80’s inspired gems that sound like nightrider or sega genesis games have a real soft spot in my heart. This particular track in the amazing album has that feeling of being chased by someone, I can picture axel foley driving away from Victor Maitland’s henchmen."

Galcher Lustwerk
'Speed (AceMoMa Remix)' [Ghostly International]

"I love Lustwerks vocals (and his tracks obviously) and when you hear the spacey pad and perc heavy track together, you can hear the amazing combined force that AceMo and MoMa Ready. Really love this."

'05تتφιÇ' [Eclipse Tribez]

"This broken step gem from Dervisis is incredible. When it first drops you hear this unique warped sword swooshing synth that just really brings this track together."

'Coup D’etat' [Dark Entries]

"Anything that Josh Cheon puts on his label, I’m an instant fan. Whether it be a reissue or something new, they are picked perfectly. Sepehrs album is full of amazing distorted electro, 80’s electro and ambient jams. This track in particular has this eerie 80’s pad paired with a distorted vocal chop and an electro beat. My favourite from the album for sure." 

'Tech house is my evil best friend'

"I really love how Ciel uses space in her productions. This track is older but it’s a absolute jam. When i first heard it, i clicked it because i have a guilty pleasure for tech house but Cindy delivered this amazing spacey tech jam which i can’t stop listening to."

Amy Fielding is DJ Mag's digital staff writer. Follow her on Twitter here.

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