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Selections: JASSS

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, JASSS spotlights tactile synth music, hyper-detailed club experiments, post-punk and more

On her new album for Berghain’s Ostgut Ton label, ‘A World Of Service’, Spanish producer, DJ and live artist JASSS defies rigid forms. Genre barriers are smashed, collapsing into a pile of sonic rubble that encompasses techno, deconstructed club music, Auto-Tune pop, harsh noise, grunge and more. Lyrics dissect the uncomfortable rules and anxieties that come with trying to define yourself, and the restrictive language used to discuss gender, identity and interpersonal relationships. Maximal and experimental, the album aims to make an impact on your senses, and make you feel its power on a primal level. 

It’s not just for the ears either. ‘A World Of Service’ features some striking floral artwork from Matt Lambert, as well as a “distinct scent of wet earth, flower and woods” worked into each vinyl edition’s inner sleeve, developed by Meri Bonastre. You can listen to (and buy) 'A World Of Service' via Ostgut Ton's Bandcamp

The variety of ‘A World Of Service’ is matched in JASSS’ Selections, which takes in thick, tactile synth music, hyper-detailed club experiments, post-punk, guitar-soaked ambience and more. There’s tonnes to sink your teeth into here, so dig in. 

‘Myxomy’ [Subtext Recordings]

“Myxomy ticks so many boxes that I don’t even know where to start. There is a particular warmth and a thickness where clear images surface and shape a very detailed world — very inviting. I could anticipate that the mix of these two (Ziúr and James Ginzburg) was going to be magic. This is a truly refreshing and inspiring album.”

‘im hole’ [Hyperdub]

“I am in love with aya’s record and I am not alone. The choice of sounds and the poetics of the whole thing hit really close to home. It’s that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and having this notion of being an old friend. It’s very sophisticated, sensual and intimate; really smart and beautiful.”

‘Telepathy’ [Sneaker Social Club]

“100% bangers on this one. I could play the entire record in a DJ set and call it a night. Very fun with loads of twists and a ‘90s hardcore flavour. I read some comments questioning the lo-fi and compressed sound quality being a potential problem when played out in clubs, but honestly, there is nothing wrong with a little variation, and this record is killer. Play it loud!”

All Trades
‘Theoretical Functions’ [Shubzin]

“The debut of All Trades is a very impactful record that slightly changes direction all the time. Loads of playful breaks, skilfully chopped. It hits very hard on a big soundsystem. The label also offers access to the material for free if you aren't in the best financial situation.”

Colin Fisher
‘Reflections of the Invisible World’ [Halocline Trance]

“Guitar delays, harmonics and distortion gravitate and sometimes morph into a drone-ish, heavenly chamber. This infuses a very much needed peace in me; it’s meditative. I listen to this a lot in transit.”

Deantoni Parks, Technoself

“Stendhal Syndrome hit me hard when listening to ‘Alright Okay’. It’s a super touching piece of music, the moods and colours are very thick and vibrant. Gorgeous.”

Dry Cleaning
‘Sweet Princess EP’

“Well this is not that recent, but I’ve definitely been listening to it a lot lately, and been playing it out sometimes. It’s full of catchy riffs and there’s an eloquence carried by the voice of Florence Cleopatra Shaw. I kept coming back to this one through this strange 2021.”

Lee Gamble
‘A Million Pieces Of You’ [Hyperdub]

“Amazing trip by Lee Gamble (once again), who continues to be a source of inspiration. Beautifully crafted landscapes, rubbery rhythms, and IDM-ish sparks that mix with all sorts of echoes. The range of sounds is wide and the care for detail really makes this record rich and deep, a gift for your ears.”


“I love the entire record, but ‘Double D’ has a special place in my heart. Really sexy record, with GLOR1A’s powerful and straightforward lyrics. Her voice is a warm hug.”

‘Last train to chaos + Girl with an eagle eye’

“Super into the way multiple scenarios get melted into one, creating the storytelling of this track. The melodies flirt behind the breaks, and dreamy guitars create cloud-like softness. Love it!”