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Selections: Paramida

In this series, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, Love On The Rocks boss Paramida spotlights tripped-out techno, cosmic house and lush ambient synth pop

In a word, Paramida’s DJ sets are irresistible. The Berlin-based selector hops so smoothly from style to style that you barely notice yourself falling under their spell; one minute you’re nodding your head to a sunkissed balearic house or italo disco number, the next you’re caught in an adrenaline rush, riding a wave of trippy techno and wide eyed proto-trance. Before you know it, your arms are in the air, and you're screeching along to a perfectly placed pop anthem. It’s no wonder her eclectic style has landed her residencies at clubbing institutions Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson. 

Paramida also runs Love On The Rocks, a label that specialises in vibey, euphoric dance music that pulls lovingly from the blissed-out sounds of ‘90s clubbing, but which dances confidently in the tempo of the contemporary. Since launching in 2014, the imprint has released EPs and comps featuring an impressive run of names such as Alex Kassian, Fantastic Man, Elles x Violet and Zombies In Miami. 

The latest release on Love On The Rocks is Paramida’s own: her long-awaited debut EP, ‘Dream Ritual’. Seven years in the making, the four-track release is testament to Paramida’s patient approach – “Quality takes time,” she told DJ Mag back in 2018. It’s been more than worth the wait. Across two original cuts, plus remixes from Eris Drew & Octa and Youandewan, ‘Dream Ritual’ delivers rave-ready rhythms, rolling bass grooves and cosmic keys, leaning to Paramida’s headier sensibilities but offering more than enough versatility and funk to fit in virtually any set. You can buy it here

Paramida’s Selections are a testament to her quality as a DJ, spanning tripped-out techno, cosmic house and lush ambient synth pop, with some further detours in between. Check them out below.


“I have no idea how I came across this one, but it’s so good. It originally came out in 1996 and covers everything from ambient to hard trance.”

Baby Rollén
‘Love Potion EP’ [Slump Recordings]

“Great tracks from Baby Rollén. I love its energy and it’s super fun to play out.”

‘A6A06’ [dbh-music]

“Incredible record. So happy it got reissued, all tracks are amazing and super special.” 

Enrico Mantini
‘The Maze’

“Italian house is one of my favorite genres and discovering Enrico Mantini’s Bandcamp page was one of my lockdown highlights. He’s had great releases on UMM and you can find plenty of unreleased stuff on here, including sample packs.”

Sunju Hargun
‘Chale (Original Mix)’ [JIN]

“This one is one of my favorite tracks of the year from one of my favorite producers out there: Sunju Hargun. Based in Thailand, he’s been making the most interesting music.” 

‘Shinjuku One Night Stand’

“Another favorite producer of mine: S.O.N.S. I love his music so much and this is another incredibly outstanding tune.” 

Jurriaan Andriessen
‘The Awakening Dream’ [Bureau B]

“The Bureau B catalogue on Bandcamp is incredible. There’s so much amazing stuff to discover. I was also happy I found this album on there, it saved me time to rip it.” 

‘Walkin' Easy EP’

“Boink is another producer to watch from Manchester, I love his stuff! He did one track on Punchline too, it is so good.”

Roberto Lodola
'Hey George! (Tribal Rmx)’

“Great percussive tool from Italian legend Roberto Lodola.” 

Tommy Mandel
‘Music For Insomniacs’ [Invisible City Editions]

“Amazing album. Great to listen to and on a great label: Invisible City.”