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Selections: Pinch

In our new regular feature, Selections, we invite DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. This week, Bristol figurehead and Tectonic label boss, Pinch, steps up with 10 cuts spanning classic UKG and moody jungle, to sample packs and percussive productions

Record stores and clubs around the world are shut, and opportunities to find new music out in the wild have been ripped from under our feet as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. While hearing new music played out by your favourite DJs will have to be put on hold due to these unprecedented circumstances, it’s never been easier, or more important, to support the artists and labels putting out EPs, albums and compilations in the midst of all the madness.

With tour cancellations and festival postponements leaving many members of the international electronic music community out of pocket, Bandcamp has become an even more vital platform for supporting the music you love, with 80% of all sales from the online music store going directly to artists and labels. Last month, the platform announced it would be waiving its revenue share for all sales for one day, and on 20th March, took no cut from purchases made. In total, $4.3 million was spent on music over the course of 24 hours, all going straight to the creators. On 1st of May, it waived its revenue share again for 24 hours, raising $7 million for artists and labels. With two more Bandcamp days lined up for 5th June and 3rd July, it’s time to start adding releases to your Wishlist to grab on the day to ensure all of your spending goes directly to the artists and labels you love! 

In our new regular series. Selections, we’re inviting DJs, producers and label heads to dig into their digital crates and share the contents of their Bandcamp collections. In lieu of opportunities to discover new records on the dancefloor, Selections – along with radio shows and mixes – will give you the chance to nab sounds from the crates of tastemakers, and support the artists behind them while you’re at it. Win-win, right?  

This week, Bristol figurehead and dubstep legend, Pinch, picks 10 Bandcamp releases that have found their way into his collection. The DJ, producer and Tectonic label boss debuted his first EP, 'War Dub/Alien Tongue', via his own imprint in 2005, and one year later released the seminal 'Qawwali' on Planet Mu. In more recent years as an artist, Pinch's sound has developed from the darker dubstep sonics of the '00s, which saw more EPs and collabs for labels like Loefah's Swamp 81 and Mala's Deep Medi, and crossed into the world of UK bass. His first solo release in 13 years, 'Reality Tunnels', will land on Tectonic later this month, and sees Pinch push the boundaries of his production prowess even further, with ten tracks that explore techno, grime, bass, jungle, and of course, his dubstep roots.

Pinch's Bandcamp picks this week are an insight into the producer's diverse sonic palette, and features music from labels like More Time, Mord, and Samurai Music. Stressing that the selections are “by no means definitive", you can check out Pinch's picks below.

Groove Chronicles
'Stonecold/Hold On' EP [DPR Recordings]

"Probably one of my all time favourite UK-G tracks. I had it on vinyl but it sadly disappeared from my collection a few years back, which almost definitely means I left it under a turntable in a club/festival/show somewhere… Will make do with the digital for now though! Everything about ’Stone Cold’ is pure class - perfect, move by move. Wanted to include this as it was actually the first thing I bought on Bandcamp a few years ago and it’s what motivated me to set up an account!"

Leila Samir
'No Music' EP [More Time]

"Great EP that dropped last year and as far as I can see, her only one to date. It also led me to Leila Samir’s NTS shows and I always appreciate someone who can bring together a diverse selection of music and contain it with a coherent mood. It’s percussively driven music, with the drama and tension upfront, mysterious hints of melody suggested by carefully placed samples. It’s really good."

Electromagnetic Fields
'Vol 01 Singapore' [FreeToUseSounds]

"This is mainly going to be of any interest to the producers out there reading this, bit of a curveball pick: 50 recordings of electrical noises! When I’m in cities on my own I often find myself tuning into the sounds around me, picking out natural rhythms and wishing I could sample them to build a track with. Not used any of these in a tune or anything yet but I’ve been looking for some quality electrical sounds and these seem pretty good."

'Rhythm Hi​-​Tek' EP [Timedance]

"Hugely overlooked Bristol producer and all round nice dude, Lurka really does deserve more props for his music. Released on Batu’s Timedance label, this Rhythm Hi-Tek EP demonstrates Lurka’s skills on the buttons - there’s so much intricacy and detail in every move he makes. Mostly sitting somewhere between electro and techno, his passion for tech-driven dubstep and D&B also shines throughout."

Baby T
'Porta (Jungle Mix)' [Samurai Music]

"Quality jungle techno from B Traits who steps back to an older alias for this EP. It feels like old-school Metalheadz wearing a cool new hat. I’m sold. My pick of the 4 versions of ‘Porta’ that make up the EP, is ‘Porta (Jungle Mix)’"

‘VOOO’ EP [Mord]

"Four gritty techno tracks laden with doom. Really well produced and well thought through. I find the vast majority of techno to be thoroughly boring and pointless - but when it’s done well, I love it. This is a good example of ‘techno done right’ in my book. Deep, involving and energising. Probably would sound great in a club (remember those?)"

Roly Porter
‘Kistvaen’ LP [Subtext]

"Delicate but powerful. Roly makes amazing journey music. His latest LP feels like a more advanced return to some of the moods of his earlier work. Immaculate production skills bring all the parts together seamlessly in such a way that you feel you are listening to a master on par with the greatest works of Brian Eno or Max Richter - but maybe the dark side equivalent."

‘Refractions’ EP [All Centre]

"Both tracks on this EP run hard while going in slightly different directions. Sound design-y techno elements are paired with moving layers of fractured paranoia in ‘Refractions’ while ‘Tesseract’ takes a straighter beat and bends it with a warped riff."

‘Total Self-Fulfilment’ LP [Bruk]

"New label releasing this debut LP from FFT, who has previously produced leftfield techno expressions under other aliases (apparently - I read that on the blurb..). Released on cassette to make sure you look cool while downloading the digital. Gentle pace with broad scope, some great sound design and engaging movements. The right pace for me in lockdown life at the moment!"

Time Cow & RTKal
'Elephant Man’ [Equiknnox Music]

"I’m pretty much obsessed with all things Equiknoxx and just love this new one. Rolling rhythm, thumping bass line, beautiful melodic elements and a lyrical ode to legendary dancehall-mic-controller Elephant Man, cutting in and out of reverb and delay. I could listen to this on repeat all day."